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Billy Graham died on February 21, 2018. Did he deceive you?

The  Approaching 1930's Style Depression


Signs Of Change The Past Week Or So 2014 (1) - January

False Flags on Five Fronts

Dave McGowan - Boston Marathon

2017 1229 What Happened in Vegas - Web Mini-Series

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2011 0611   What is REAL and What Is Imaginary

2011 0902    Banned from Forums for Sharing Truth

2012 0114    "Ron Paul is Not the Answer"

2012 0124   Separating the Wheat from the Chaff

2012 0211  The Rock Stars of the Alternative News Media

2012 0218   "Look at the Whole Board"

2012 0220   Defeating the New World Order

2012 0304  A Hoax called "Thrive"

2012 0305   Have YOU  been Properly Dramatized?

2012 0307   Queen for a Day, Drama Queen That Is

2012 0308   Alex Jones Talks about "Spirituality"

2012 0313  Who OWNS You?

2012 0315  We Pause for a Commercial Break

2012 1102   Banned Again for"No Reason was Specified"

2012 1113  The Power of Doing Nothing

2012 1229   Random, But Important Information  (an ongoing log of information)

2013 0426  The  Enforcers Are  Destroying  America

2013 0801   "Your Money and Liar's Poker"

2013 0802   Brainwashing and Conformity 101

2013 0826   Who Loves Ya,Baby?  (amended 2013 0827)

2013 0901   When will the  'Aliens'  Start Landing?

2013 0907   If You Are NOT  a Christian, You have  NO  Rights

2013 1004  Separating  the Stuff  from "The Stuff"

2014 0725   "Arrogant  NYPD  Spokesmen"

2014 0728   "Laws  and Children's Games"

2014 0804   "Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye"

2016 1018 Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?

2016 1205 Lions and Tigers and China, Oh My!

2017 0107 The "War on Drugs" is a War on America

2017 0120 Reasons to Distrust the Police

2017 0205 Government Paid Crisis Actors

2017 0207 Arizona is "Dog Training" Drivers

2017 0312 UPDATE: Reasons to Distrust the Police

2017 0324 The Rise of the Warrior Cop

2017 0411 Thug Sheriff and His Gang Just Threatened All of Us

2017 0420  California is "Dog Training" Drivers Too

2017 0526  Confusing and Conflicting Police Actions

2017 0528  "Hate Crimes"? "Blue Lives Matter"? Seriously???

2017 0702 Military and Police 'Interoperability' is the Goal of JOINT Training

2017 0923  Huntington Beach Police Chief Defends Murder of Suspect

2017 1017  Good Cops. Bad Cops. How to tell the difference

2017 1022   Desperation is in the Air. Can You Feel It?

2017 1117 The "Dog Training" of Drivers Continues. It's COVERT Warfare

2018 0307  Was the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida another Hoax?

2018 0320 FALSE Preachers and Their Lies of Omission

2018 0324 FALSE Preachers and Their Lies of Omission - part 2

2018 1213 HEROIC Officer Frederick Dominguez + JFK's Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy Speech

2018 1222  Mr. Carson Shuts Down the USA Government for a Border Wall

2019 0115 Here is an Example of How Brainwashing Works

2019 0201  The Anatomy of a BAD Police Shooting in Tempe, Arizona

2019 0210  The Police ARE Your Enemy. Do You Understand Yet?

"Why is Mohave County Arizona Sheriff's Office painting it's patrol vehicles with the same colors used in Hitler's Nazi flag?"


Nazism in Amerika


(PDF file; Nazism in Amerika) Right click this link to "save as"


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Twelve Triggers for World Government dated December 26, 2011