Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Who Loves Ya, Baby? by Kevin Dunn
Written and posted on August 26, 2013

Who "loves" ya? Why the New World Order and all of it's Satan serving minions "love" ya.

If they don't love you, why do they spend so much time and effort lying to you? In this Orwellian world, lying means that they care a great deal about you. Your thoughts are very important to the New World Order, which is why the NSA and the FBI and the CIA and the DHS and even your local and state police agencies "care" enough about you to watch you and listen to your every word no matter where you are. If that doesn't prove to you that they "care" a great deal about you and what you think, then what's it going to take to CON_vince you?

Just for starters, doesn't the New World Order spend enough time and money feeding you a glutinous meal of lies and deceptions on their morning TV "news" programs served up to you by the smiling "news" babes and the dashing "news" hunks while you gobble down your genetically modified breakfast foods? If having pretty women and handsome men playfully telling you the "news" with smiles on their faces no matter what horrific events may be in the "news" doesn't DEMON strate their "love" and concern about you, perhaps your local "newspaper", the "Daily Deceiver" will be more to your liking.

Whatever your preference might be, the New World Order is working tirelessly around the clock to provide you with the latest technological gadgets that will track your every move and listen to and read your every expressed thought, no matter how personal and private it might be.

In fact, if enough people express unhappy thoughts about current world events and the Satanists who are ruling (not governing) us from Washington D.C. and every state capital, then the New World Order will be happy to jump into action and create some false "news" event to distract everyone from the obvious tyranny that is taking place all around us. An example of such an event is the "Sandy Hook shooting" that is claimed to have happened on December 14, 2012.

Since I am a retired Arizona Highway Patrolman, I know a little about criminal investigations and so far, all I have seen are actors in police uniforms telling us that a horrible crime was committed. They have offered no evidence that I have seen, only stories from the police and the other CRISIS actors who have been prominently paraded before us in the "newspapers" and on TV. So far, it's been like listening to the famous radio program "War of the Worlds" that aired on October 30, 1938. The only difference between that radio show and the "Sandy Hook shooting" is that we are being shown the location of the alleged crime and many of the CRISIS actors who claim to be somehow involved. Take away the wide screen TV pictures and just listen to the audio portion of all of the "news" reports and ask yourself how much different Sandy Hook is from the "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast. Many people believed that radio broadcast when they heard it.

The War of the Worlds (radio drama) - Wikipedia



The War of the Worlds (radio drama) Wikipedia pdf


Orson Welles "War of the Worlds" Radio Broadcast (1938 radio show) (UPDATED: 2019 0826)



Even the local "newspaper" in Connecticut has been writing articles asking why there has been no police report as of yet in the Sandy Hook shooting.

Newtown shooting report expected in fall (UPDATED: 2019 0826)

No photographs of the crime scene have been released. Yes, we have seen plenty of photos outside the school, but absolutely nothing to suggest that any shooting took place inside the school and we may never see anything because the New World Order is running this show.

Sandy Hook families plead to keep crime photos private



Sandy Hook families plead to keep crime photos private pdf


I've been out of the police business for well over a decade and clearly things have changed, but 8 months without a report on this Sandy Hook event smacks of a cover up to me, if not a complete HOAX. It does not take this amount of time to document the TRUTH. It takes this much time to be sure that no major deceptions are revealed to the public when the report is scrutinized by skilled investigators upon it's release.

If Sandy Hook is a real event, then documenting the main evidence should be fairly straight forward, especially since Connecticut State Police Lieutenant Paul Vance has repeatedly stated that every resource will be made available in this investigation. That means that there should be no shortage of investigators who will each participate by focusing on a small area of the crime while a senior investigator will co-ordinate the entire investigation. None of the junior investigators need to know every detail about the entire crime, they only need to concentrate on a portion of the investigation that the senior investigator assigns to each investigator.

If new information becomes known to the senior police investigator in charge of the investigation after the main body of the criminal investigation report has been completed, the new information can be added to the report by addendum.

The fact that NO report has been issued to the public is a good sign that deception exists in this event, and who should be surprised by that? I told you that the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol lied to all of the officers about the OK City bombing. The Sandy Hook event is another major event being used by the New World Order and the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video), commonly known as the USA government, to accomplish the physical takeover of the USA through the declaration of Martial Law. You saw a small taste of that after the "Boston Bombing" which also reeks of being a staged event despite the massive "news" coverage with "victims".

I could say some things about Boston, but this website has already done it and done it very well.


Added More Information Here on August 27, 2013.

After I wrote this article yesterday, I found this video clip of retired US Marine Colonel Martino that is important to watch because this man is telling us the truth about what is happening in this country concerning the police. He does not get everything correct (who does?) for the following reasons:

1. He refers to the Constitution as if it still exists. The Constitution does not exist and it has not existed since 1933. Read more about that in my article "What is REAL and What is Imaginary".

2.He does not show any indication that he understands that the USA government is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video) because he mentions his time in Iraq as if the presence of the USA military was a good thing rather than being a part of the world takeover by the USA military in preparation of the arrival of the antichrist. The complete domination of all of us by the forming of a One World Government, a One World Economy, and a One World Religion is on the horizon.

3. He speaks about his best friend, who was present at the Boston Bombing event as a SWAT officer. SWAT has always been the militarization of the police, from it's very beginning in the 1960s. SWAT is all about the use of deadly force, just like the military while good police work is about being a PEACE OFFICER who will ONLY use the necessary level of force required to accomplish the job. Sometimes, using deadly force becomes a real possibility in good police work, but the vast majority of the time, good police work only requires good thinking and good speaking abilities on the part of the police officer without any need to use any physical force, let alone pointing a gun at anyone.

Every officer driving a patrol car should have a shotgun and an assault rifle. Every officer should be able to respond with the appropriate level of force that is required for each situation, without the need for a SWAT unit that is dressed in combat gear.

The fact that SWAT exists at all, should be an eye opener for everyone after they watched how SWAT abused innocent people in Boston after that staged bombing event. That behaviour by SWAT has always been it's intended use by it's creators from it's very inception. The New World Order made plans for just such a time like this long.....LONG ago and now it's happening right in front of the entire world.

What we saw SWAT doing in Boston is what SWAT units are doing every day, to varying degrees, around this country. When I was a kid watching old western movies, it was the bad guys that wore masks, but now SWAT is wearing masks just like them. When I was a kid, the bad guys wore black in the old westerns, but now the police are wearing black.

SWAT is FAR more about intimidation and the actual use of deadly force and it is FAR LESS about being PEACE OFFICERS. No man holding a gun, that is pointed at you, while wearing a mask is there for peaceful reasons. It's an act of legal violence, plain and simple and the Boston Bombing videos and photos make it very clear that SWAT will point their guns at innocent people solely to intimidate them without just cause. SWAT showed the world who they really are and who they really serve and it's NOT the American People. They displayed an incredible lack of good judgment and loyalty to the people of the Boston area and to the American People everywhere. Those images of SWAT at Boston have greatly changed my opinion about SWAT and I would like to see all SWAT teams disbanded. I want PEACE OFFICERS who understand what that means.

4. He said "the last time 10 terrorists were in the same place at the same time was on September 11th" which means that he does not understand that the USA President, the USA Congress, the USA Supreme Court, the top brass in the USA military and the top brass of the USA police agencies are the REAL terrorists. They ARE the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video).

9-11 was a USA government operation, a self inflicted wound to fool the American People into accepting the unacceptable force that TSA airport "security" and now Boston exemplifies as the NAZIFICATION of America in plain view. It was also the excuse to start military aggression against entire nations of innocent people who are dominated by a satanic group that calls itself "elites" and "the government". The people I just mentioned a few sentences ago also belong to the same satanic group and they also call themselves "elites" and "the government". They are all terrorists, each and everyone of them and God has called them the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video).

Anyway, this man makes a VERY good presentation that everyone should hear.

Police State Too Much? Send in a Marine!



End of addition.


There are ONLY 2 choices that each of us have to make with every piece of "news" presented to us by the New World Order controlled governments and "news" organizations. We will either believe what we are told or we will disbelieve what we are told.

What is your default position to the information that is presented to you by the lying governments and the lying "news" media? Will you still accept anything that is told to you or will you demand overwhelming evidence from them before you begin to believe their information?

Did you read my article "Your Money and Liar's Poker"? If you did, then you know that you have been lied to your entire life by the government and the "news" media about your money. Money is a major factor in our lives simply to survive and we have all been deceived by the lying government our ENTIRE lives.

My default position is this...... I will NEVER trust anything that I am told by the government or the "news" media, but I will investigate anything that has an air of truth about it IF it has some importance to me. That means that I will NOT investigate most of the things that I am told by those liars.

So....... Who REALLY Loves You?

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.