Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Kingman Arizona Police Chief Rusty Cooper is a LIAR
by Kevin Dunn. Written and posted on June 02, 2020 (UPDATED 2020 0603)

I have tried to avoid writing an article about the FAKE Minneapolis Police Dept "murder of George Floyd", but I just read an article in today's local Kingman "news" paper that ticked me off. It's a continuation of that HOAX.

National Guard called to Kingman




National Guard called to Kingman.pdf


KINGMAN – The Black Lives Matter protest at Locomotive Park is going “very, very well,” according to Kingman Police Chief Rusty Cooper, who explained that while organizers are making every effort to keep the event peaceful, the National Guard will have a presence in Kingman this afternoon in case some wish to change the intent of the event into one of a more disturbing nature.

“Yes,” the chief responded when asked late in the morning of Tuesday, June 2 if there was truth to the rumor that the National Guard was coming to Kingman. “I did request it yesterday, and the intent was a show of force for those groups or folks that wanted to create a disturbance or to change the intent of the event.”

That intent, Cooper said, is a peaceful protest in light of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota late last month. According to the Associated Press, 46-year-old George Floyd of Minneapolis, Minnesota was killed when an officer now charged with third degree murder and manslaughter, Derek Chauvin, 44, allegedly pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for several minutes, ignoring the man’s pleas for air as he could not breathe.

Cooper said people are likely to see National Guardsmen throughout town, but that the intent is not to intimidate. He said it’s more “as-need preparedness” than anything else.

“Currently the event is going very, very well,” Cooper said. “I’m just very thankful for all those who are participating in it. The intent was to keep it peaceful, and that’s what it’s been so far.”

Rusty Cooper's father was an Arizona Highway Patrolman. We both hired on about the same time. We both spent our entire careers in Kingman. We both retired about the same time.

Rusty just recently became the Kingman Police Chief and what a disappointment he is turning out to be. He is a complete New World Order sellout, just like Mohave County Sheriff Doug Schuster.

I wrote an article about Schuster being a TERRORIST and it seems that Cooper wants to be included too. Both of these men are WORTHLESS LIARS. Cooper proved it in the above article.

Cooper said "the intent was a show of force" when he called for the National Guard and then he said "the intent is not to intimidate"

I declare, police chiefs and sheriffs are such MORONS. Really. Why does anyone trust them?

Cooper completely contradicted himself.

A show of force is ALWAYS about intimidation. ALWAYS!!!

Cooper is like a MORON cop who is pointing a gun at someone AND saying "I'm NOT trying to scare you"

Ha........... Ha........... Ha..............

Cooper DOESN'T KNOW WHO he called the National Guard to intimidate. Seriously. He said that very thing when he said "in case some ........."

Who is "some"? Cooper doesn't know. If he knew who "some" is, wouldn't he identify them? Better yet, wouldn't he FOCUS on them instead of TERRORIZING everyone?

Cooper does know that some people in town WILL BE INTIMIDATED by the sight of the National Guard, but Cooper DOESN'T CARE. He's just throwing a HAND GRENADE into the scenario and HOPING that the mysterious "some" will be included in the body count.

Cooper's unknown "some" is exactly like TRUMP'S "invisible monster called Corona Virus" that has never been proven to exist, but HEY, America was STILL shut down to DESTROY America.

Cooper just showed everyone that he has NO business being a police chief, just like Schuster has NO business being a sheriff. Then again, neither of them have ANY AUTHORITY over ANYBODY as I clearly show you in the article Arizona's Mohave County TERRORIST (aka 'the sheriff'). I wrote that article on April 13, 2020.

Because of that article, FOX "News" had Tucker Carlson interview Doug Schuster on May 7, 2020. Watch this video of that interview and compare what Doug wrote in his "Message" and what he said in the interview.

Sheriff refusing to enforce lockdown: 'This is not the country I grew up in'




Premiered May 7, 2020

Mohave Arizona sheriff, Doug Schuster, defends his decision to not enforce the state's stay-at-home orders. #FoxNews #Tucker

That video is damage control for the "sheriff", AND ALL of Satan's New World Order police chiefs and sheriffs around the country. FOX NATIONAL "news" came running to the rescue. Tucker Carlson gathered up ALL of America's police chiefs and sheriffs and picked them off the ground, and stood them up on their wobbly legs, and brushed them off, and blew their noses, and patted them all on the butts before sending them back out to TERRORIZE YOU once again.

These current riots, after the FAKE George Floyd "murder", were CAUSED BY the police chiefs and sheriffs.

Tucker Carlson left the politicians / judges / lawyers / military generals still squirming in the dirt with runny noses and dust caked faces BECAUSE IF people figure out that the police chiefs and sheriffs HAVE NO AUTHORITY, then nothing else matters. These squirmers don't matter IF the police chiefs and sheriffs FALL.

Satan's New World Order police chiefs and sheriffs are the DUCT TAPE that is holding the ENTIRE FRAUD, called the United States government (CORPORATION), together.

It took a NATIONAL TV "news" broadcast, not just a local Arizona TV broadcast, to respond to my article. They are desperately trying to recover from the simple TRUTH that I spoke about the USURPER "sheriff".

TRUTH is powerful.

GOD'S WORD is TRUTH and NOTHING is more powerful.

Keep in mind that Sheriff Schuster is STILL talking about the NON-existent "CON-U-SITUATION" (Constitution) in the video DESPITE READING my articles and sending his deputies to harass me for YEARS because of those articles.

The "sheriff" is a CON man. He will SAY anything to FOOL the public. Are you going to allow him to make a SUCKER out of you? He FOOLED MANY viewers on youtube. As I write this article, youtube shows 606,945 views. 27,710 likes. 707 dislikes.

Good old Tucker Carlson will say anything for a dollar. He's not afraid to talk about the NON-existent "CON-U-SITUATION". He makes his living as a CON man. That video shows two CON men just having a nice little chat while HOPING to deceive YOU. Is that the type of country that CON man "sheriff" Doug Shuster grew up in? We don't know, do we? If only Tucker would have asked the tough questions, eh? Tucker has read my articles too, but he doesn't want you to know that either.

I started off saying "I have tried to avoid writing an article about the FAKE Minneapolis Police Dept "murder of George Floyd". Here is what I said in a blub for this bitchute video. You should read the comments made in response to that video. Some people posted very good links to additional information


St. Paul Police officer accused of starting Minneapolis Riot




This video offers compelling information suggesting that the riot in Minneapolis was started by St. Paul Officer Jacob Pederson AFTER the FAKE "murder of George Floyd" by 4 Minneapolis police officers.

I don't believe that George Floyd was killed. I believe that he is just one of MANY CRISIS ACTORS in this event.

This is another TERRORIST ATTACK AGAINST the American People by America's Homegrown TERORISTS in the White House / Congress / Supreme Court / EVERY politician / EVERY judge / EVERY prosecuting attorney / EVERY police chief and sheriff / EVERY military general.

Out of all of the crisis actors in this event, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is my favorite because he made me laugh. I'm still laughing now as I write this.

You really need to read this.

George Floyd Worked At The Same Nightclub As The Cop Who Killed Him




George Floyd Worked At The Same Nightclub As The Cop Who Killed Him pdf



You really want to read this.

Arizona's Mohave County TERRORIST (aka 'the sheriff')

America is under attack from the INSIDE, ladies and gentlemen. ALL of those Homegrown TERRORISTS listed above are YOUR ENEMY and they will continue to attack you until Jesus Christ returns. I'm not kidding you.

If you don't believe in Jesus Christ, now is the time.

I strongly suggest that you think long and hard about the difference between the PEACEFUL non-compliance with ALL governement " LAWS " and actively SEEKING VIOLENT ALTERCATIONS with ALL governments.

I explain such things in my articles. I promote PEACE, if possible.


--------------- UPDATE 2020 0603

Here is an aerial view of the "massive crowd" that Kingman Police Chief Rusty Cooper thought required the presence of the National Guard.


I've stopped a gang of armed outlaw bikers flying their colors, who numbered nearly as many people as we can see in that photo. I guess peaceful protesters are more dangerous than armed outlaw bikers, right Rusty?

I can't tell for sure, but it looks like a large group of National Guard, wearing green camo uniforms, are in the top left corner of the photo. I count 15, but maybe there are more in that group. However many there are, NONE of them were needed. This was Rusty Cooper doing his part to INTIMIDATE the American People, just like EVERY other police chief and sheriff is doing. They INTIMIDATED everyone for the FAKE "corona virus" and now they are INTIMIDATING everyone after the FAKE Minneapolis Police Dept "murder of George Floyd".

THAT'S THE PLAN, ladies and gentlemen. They are DESTROYING YOU.

ALL police chiefs and sheriffs belong to this Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy that President JFK talked about. I showed you that in the article HEROIC Miami Beach Florida Police Officer Frederick Dominguez.

THE PLAN is staring you in face, ladies and gentlemen. All you have to do is step back and THINK. Stop listening to the lying government. Stop listening to the lying "news" media. Those people ARE your enemy.

Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive




Conspiracy Too Monstrous To Conceive pdf


"The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists." - J. Edgar Hoover

Read that article.

Here is a photo of a Facebook comment made by Kingman Mayor Jen Miles, which is laughable. (Scroll down to 2nd photo)

1. She says that there are about 20 protesters. That's hysterically funny all by itself.

2. She ADMITS that Rusty Cooper PLANNED this INTIMIDATION of the Kingman population with "(ACTIC)", which stands for "Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center (ACTIC)". That bunch is comprised of NOTHING BUT Homegrown TERRORISTS, as shown in this photo (Scroll down to 4th photo)

Are you seeing the Monolithic and Ruthless Conspiracy here? The MAYOR and Kingman Police Chief Cooper are members of a "conspiracy so monstrous" that MOST people can't believe exists, and yet, I'm SHOWING it to you.

3. The mayor goes on to list her fellow CO-CONSPIRATORS, who she calls "THE TEAM".

Ha......... Ha .......... Ha.................

Here is a photo of a Facebook comment by Tim Woods, another "player" in this "conspiracy so monstrous". (Scroll down to 3rd photo)


He wants to be "elected" as a Mohave Couny Supervisor. Everything that Mr. Woods says is total nonsense, and like every other POLITICIAN, he mentions the NON-existent "CON-U-SITUATION" (Constitution).

ANY PERSON, who says ANYTHING about the Constitution, AS IF it still exists, is incredibly IGNORANT or they are a LIAR.

Mr. Woods has a LOT of THINKING to do. He can start by reading JESUIT Educated Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is a TERRORIST. There is a video in that article has US Supreme Court Chief Justice Roberts ADMITTING that the Constitution is GONE.

You LOST my vote, Mr. Woods.

Then again, I don't vote. Voting is for LOSERS. Nobody should vote. It's a LOSING game.

I suggest that everyone read my article Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye, and every article after it, in the order in which they were written. Nobody should be confused about what is REALLY happening, and WHY, after reading those articles.


As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.