Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Banned for Sharing the Truth by Kevin Dunn

In case people don't realize this, most of the forums and message boards on the internet are run by or are heavily influenced by the government disinfo agents who are known as "Gate Keepers". I doubt there are any forums which don't have at least some gate keepers posting comments which are intended to mock both the information being posted and the person posting the information. Still, I have posted information that over 5000 readers have viewed in a single day before I was banned by the gate keepers.

These Gate Keepers have 2 primary goals.

The 1st goal is to keep people from sharing real information that exposes the "Matrix of Lies" that we have all been told our entire lives by the lying government, the lying "News media", the lying "Entertainment Industry", and the lying "Christian churches" who have sold out to the New World Order and Satan.

The 2nd goal is to plant false information to deceive the unknowing people into believing a lie. The New World Order depends on people not knowing the truth and sadly, many people have been fooled.

The gate keepers are generally an obnoxious group of people who lack skills and knowledge, but the government hired them for just those characteristics. Their primary method of attack is to swarm a thread and insult. They never raise the level of discussion or offer any meaningful information so that readers can learn and grow. Gate keepers are to truth telling threads what termites are to wooden structures. However, once you know their tactics, it's very easy to banter with them and make them dance, just like this



It is always a big hit when I post this video for the dancing gate keepers.

This page will be a continuing work in progress, so visit it once in a while for newly posted information. It will share some of the information that was removed by various forums and sometimes got me banned for posting it. By banning me, those forums have confirmed that they do not exist for the sharing of information and ideas. Forums want to give the appearance of being open to a fair exchange of information and ideas, but they are really there to prevent people from learning the truth by using any and all methods necessary to keep people ignorant and misinformed.

One forum banned me for 60 days because they accused me of "bashing cops". (when did the police become "untouchable" and above reproach?) Someone started a thread after the Las Vegas, Nevada Police Dept killed a non-threatening man who happened to have gun. I joined the "discussion", which is a polite way of saying incredible lies by gate keepers, some of whom posed as actual cops but were proven to be lying about that as well. I am a retired Arizona Highway Patrolman and the whole forum knew that, but I was banned for "bashing cops" because I said that the 3 Las Vegas Police Officers were incompetent for killing the non-threatening man at a Costco store.

I also said that the Pima County Arizona SWAT Team was incompetent for killing a man while raiding his home.




Jose Guerena Killed: Arizona Cops Shoot Former Marine In Botched Pot Raid pdf

That same forum had a person using the screen name of "Psyop Soldier" and he made a post stating that there were a lot of crazy people posting in the forum that day. I responded to him by asking what his screen name meant. His reply was a song and dance, so I told him exactly what his screen name meant. He was a "Psyop Soldier" which is short for Psychological Operations soldier, a person who is trained by the USA military in the art of conducting psychological warfare. I told him that he was in the forum to both create the "crazy" posters and to monitor the forum to see what type of effect the government's psychological warfare against the American people was having on the forum members. The forum was his laboratory and the forum members were his lab rats. After this short chat, the "Psyop Soldier" removed his posts to conceal our conversation.

A recent thread that I created in a forum was completely removed. Vanished. Gone. Like it never existed. This is NOT the normal treatment of disapproved information. This was "special treatment" and when I laughed at them for doing it by writing a new thread called" When Is "Paranoid Gatekeeper Appreciation Day"? I was banned once again. Gate keepers are a very touchy group and they don't like it when people laugh at their foolishness, but I just can't help myself.

Here is the original post that vanished. Ask yourself why the gate keepers want to prevent people from seeing this information and why they want to "punish" people who share this type of information.

Tattoos, Freemasonry, and the "Mark of the Beast"

As I surf the internet, I have been seeing many advertisements promoting tattoos. Many of the ads show pretty young women sporting tattoos.

This push to convince people to get tattoos got me to thinking about some of the connections between Satanism, Freemasonry, Secret Societies, TV shows and movies.

Here are a few links

Freemasons in midst of popularity, membership boom (L.A. Times story)

Masonic Ink (website dedicated to Freemason tattoos)

To Tattoo or not to Tattoo (8 page article)




To Tattoo or not to Tattoo pdf Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8

Tattoos are Marks of Satan!



Tattoos are Marks of Satan! pdf

And for TV viewers, perhaps some of you remember a TV show called

Brimstone (1998-1999)

In that show, 113 condemned souls escape from hell and Satan sends a condemned police detective to find them and send them back to hell. Viewers may remember that each soul that escaped was represented by a tattoo on the body of the police detective. Everytime that the detective sent an escaped soul back to hell, the tattoo for that soul vanished from the detective's body.

Here is the first episode of the show "Brimstone" and notice the tattoos. Satan is using tattoos to mark "his" property.
Here is a video that I tried to post, but I was banned while trying to post it. This video shows us just how easy it is to take normal, everyday people and put them into a situation that causes them to change dramatically. We are all susceptible to this type of manipulation and the New World Order is using this information to manipulate us all. 9-11 was a USA government operation designed to take normal, everyday people and change them into people who are willing to send their sons and daughters to foreign lands to kill and dominate innocent people based on the acts and lies of the USA government.

Stanford Prison Experiment



The following thread was moved from public view and was only available to forum members who signed in with their password. Nearly ALL threads are available to be seen by anyone visiting the forum, but this thread was denied to the visitors. Why would the gate keepers want to hide this information from the public?

The Masonic Seal of America = Satan on the U.S. Dollar

Readers know that I post information concerning "The New World Order", but there is really nothing "new" about it.

Readers will find that our "Founding Fathers" were not the people we were taught to believe they were. They approved of "The Great Seal of the United States" in 1782.

Satan on Our Dollar! The Masonic Seal of America




Satan on Our Dollar! The Masonic Seal of America pdf

The Masonic Foundations of the United States



The Masonic Foundations of the United States pdf

To Be Continued