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Banned Again for "No Reason was Specified" by Kevin Dunn
Written and Posted on November 02. 2012

Once again, it appears that I have been too effective in sharing the truth with the readers in a forum that has banned me twice before. This makes me smile and laugh. All it does is show the forum readers that the forum does not want people to share the truth.

Being banned from forums is nothing new to me. I know that most forums are either owned by the government or they are heavily influenced by the government. I speak out about the satanic USA government frequently because I know that we are living in the very endtimes of the Bible at this moment. I know that the USA government is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video). The USA government will be the power that enforces the One World Government for the antichrist. I have shared this information in greater detail in my article "What is REAL and What is Imaginary".

The puzzling thing with this particular ban is that the reason given was "No Reason was Specified". Why has the forum chosen to make the reason for banning me a secret? If I have violated some "rule", why has the forum chosen to keep this information from me? If a person doesn't know what ruffled the feathers of the people who are pulling the forum strings, then how is a person to avoid another event from happening in the future? If I have not violated some rule, then what can they say? It certainly appears that I was banned for no other reason than to silence me, but that doesn't work. Each time I get banned by some forum, I just write articles.

I do know that forums are closely monitored by the ruling power structure in this country and they have hired an army of mostly ignorant and unskilled people to dominate the forums and control what information can be shared with other readers. The problem with having an army of ignorant people working for you is that some of us really enjoy tap dancing with them while also sharing the truth with the predominately silent readers. Most people choose to only read the forums. I suspect that is because the army of ignorant government disinformation agents make it less than pleasant for most readers to share their thoughts. What the agents lack in skills and knowledge, they make up for by being antagonistic. Unfortunately for them...... I like playing that game.

Since the forum has chosen to keep their reason for banning me a secret, I am forced to guess what may have caused them to become "upset" with me. Mind you, I have been posting MANY things that the power structure running this country does not like. The power structure is a den of vipers and they do their traitorous acts in secret while feeding the public nothing but a steady stream of lies and fabrications through the CONTROLLED "news" media. TV "News" does not exist to tell us the truth. It exists to propagandize us.

Here is some proof that the "news" media are just sock puppets for the New World Order. They are only handsome and pretty actors who can read a teleprompter skillfully. They will parrot to the viewing public whatever appears on that screen. Truth has nothing to do with their function.

John Swinton, a renowned newspaper man, made a speech around 1880 (the date is unclear). He said that the "news" was controlled then. How much more so now?

John Swinton on the independence of the press




John Swinton on the Independence of the press pdf



The CFR Controls American News Media since 1917



CIA Admits Using News to Manipulate the USA 1975



My ban from the forum took place today, November 02, 2012.

Here are my most recent comments in the forum. Did they lead to my banishment?

This comment was directed to me:

Originally Posted by (***********)
Really, seek god, why what is going to do, because last time I heard he supposedly did something, it was like 2000 years ago. If he does exist, he seems pretty disinterested in doing anything.

My response to (***********)

Yes! Seek and You Shall Find Understanding

If you really want to understand, it's going to take some of your time.

Have you read this thread (*****************)?
(linked to a thread in the forum that I will not share in this article)

I posted a great deal of information in that thread.

Have you watched any of the videos here?

Just to answer your 2000 year comment.......

Colossians 1:16 For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
Colossians 1:17 And he is before all things, and by him all things consist

Notice this and by him all things consist

That is a present moment statement. Physical matter exists because Jesus is holding it together. And yet, physical matter disappears if you look close enough. Everything is created from nothing.

Powers of Ten™ (1977)




My very next comment in the same thread was in response to another comment made to me. My screen name in the forum is "FreeThinker"

Originally Posted by (*********)
free·think·er [free-thing-ker] Show IPA
a person who forms opinions on the basis of reason, independent of authority or tradition, especially a person whose religious opinions differ from established belief.
Relevant Questions
What Is Freethinking?
Where Is Freethinker?
What Is A Freethinker?
How Were Freethinkers A ...

Your religious beliefs seem to be quite established.

My response was:

Indeed. I believe the King James Bible. Free thinking does not mean rejecting the truth.

I reject *ALL* mainstream Christianity as false.

You won't find me in a 501c3 government approved "church".

The Vatican claims to represent God on Earth, but the Vatican is the literal Synagogue of Satan.

Pope John Paul II is antichrist
(linked to a thread in the forum that I will not share in this article)

Here is the Pope giving the satanic hand sign.




Pope giving the satanic hand sign pdf


Here is a page filled with information about the "church" and other world leaders who are all satanic.



Kingdoms of the world symbols pdf

I serve Jesus Christ alone. The USA government is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video).

I wrote about things in greater detail here

Free thinking has no "rules" other than to seek the truth, which means abandoning previously held ideas when they are found to be wrong. The people who are holding on to lies are stuck in the mud.

It's election time. People want to believe that the election matters, but it does not.

Elections are a HOAX.

Bill Clinton's mentor, Carroll Quigley, said as much.

The Hidden Control of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)




The Hidden Control of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) pdf


If you don't want to read the entire short article, search for the word argument and just read those few sentences.

The USA is gone. We are living in the endtimes of the Bible right now. Who is ready for that?

Those were my only posts today, November 02, 2012 at about 5:11 AM Arizona time.

What part of those comments do you think got me banned? I don't know because I have been saying those things on a regular basis. The ignorant government disinformation agents are working in every forum that I have ever joined. They try to fight my comments, but they lack skill and knowledge. More importantly.....who can defeat the Truth of Jesus Christ and the King James Bible? Those government agents are out of their league. The only way that they can deal with someone who keeps on speaking the truth is to ban them.

There was another recent event in that forum that absolutely rocked the very foundations of some of the government disinformation agents who are very active in the forum. I identified one of the forum's major government disinformation agents as being a person who is using several different screen names, which is a violation of the forum rules. He pretends to be multiple people in the forum so that he can deceive the unknowing readers. This tactic is NOT just limited to him, but I have remained quiet about it. I enjoy playing mind games with them just as much as they like playing mind games with unsuspecting readers. It's a game that those agents simply can not win. I have God's Truth, the King James Bible, and they have only their lies and their wits, neither of which are serving them well.

This particular government disiformation agent has been a member of the forum since November, 2010. Assuming he joined on the 1st day of November, that is 732 days ago. In that time, his stats show that he thanked 115,029 comments posted by other people while most of us have only thanked a few hundred or a couple thousand. This means that if he never took a day off, never took a vacation, never was sick, and only came to work on the forum every day, he averaged thanking 157 comments per day, EVERY day, as of today. This person is most definitely a government disinformation agent and he has a job to do. That job is to deceive as many other readers as he possibly can and to sway their thoughts. The whole job is about deception, but the whole USA government is about deception too.

Now keep in mind, those stats are for ONLY ONE screen name that he is using. He is using several screen names.

Here is proof that it is happening all over the internet and the USA government is deeply involved. If you are making "friends" online in any forums, you need to read this article

Are My "Friends" even real people?




Are My "Friends" even real people? pdf

Ok then........ from here on out, what I'm going to now is this..... I'll just post some of the information that I have been sharing in the forum. This information is going to be shared in a rather haphazard sort of way. All I want to do now is share some things that I think are important for you to know.

1. The entire country is nothing but corporations


Go here: (UPDATED: 2019 0923) and search for any government entity that you wish.


Here is the information for the Arizona Highway Patrol office that I worked out of for 22 years.  (UPDATED: 2019 0825)




Arizona Highway Patrol pdf

Do you see the name for Manager and Principal? That's my friend who happens to be the district commander for that office.

Also notice that the Arizona Highway Patrol is listed as a private company and that it is incorporated. Why didn't I know that when I was an officer working there? Do you think that the top brass in the department deceived me and the rest of my fellow officers? Do you think that they are still deceiving the current officers along with the public now? How far up the chain of command does a person need to rise before they know the truth?

Do you remember my comment about the satanic USA government? That comment applies to *ALL* governments. Most people working in government are ignorant about this like I was ignorant about it, but the top levels of *ALL* governments are part of the deception.

You will find that the "government" is nothing more than corporations pretending to be government. There is *NO* government no matter what you search. It's all a lie. There are only corporations that are following a business model.

UNITED STATES is a Corporation - There are Two Constitutions



You want to watch this video. It's 4 hours long, but you want to watch it.
America's Secret Destiny - Ralph A. Epperson (Full Length)





That video and more videos by Ralph Epperson are in the video section or

Here is a quick rule of thumb when the government tells us anything.....

The government always try to give a "reasonable" or plausible explanation for any action that they take, but then there is always the REAL reason that is hidden from us.

If anybody still trusts the government at this point, that person does not understand the times.
Anybody who is still serving the government at this point, you are in serious jeopardy.

In the hierarchy of evil on this planet, the USA is 3rd from the top with Satan being number 1 and the Vatican [1st beast of Revelation 13 (video)] and antichrist Pope John Paul II being number 2.

1. Satan
2. Vatican / antichrist Pope John Paul II
3. USA government (enforces the New World Order for the antichrist)

If anyone is still serving this satanic government in any capacity, it is quite likely that things are not going to go well for you in the near future.

Revelation 18:4 And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

If you are serving this evil government, then this video is for you.

Christians: Run For Your Life!



2. Electro Magnetic Pulse Technology

Look beyond the propaganda spin of this TV "News" story and recognize the deeper and more sinister aspect of the technology that is being trumpeted here. This is just another confirmation that the government will use this technology to shutdown entire highways / freeways by disabling the lead vehicles with these EMP tools when martial law is being enforced.

The "news" report says that it may be 5 years before this technology will be "readily available" although a prototype may be ready by the end of the year. This video was uploaded to youtube on Jun 17, 2009. I have no doubt that this tool is already in the hands of many people around the country.

KTLA News: New Pursuit Technology - Eureka Aerospace



Electro Magnetic Pulse and buried cables under major roadways.

We all know that when traffic signals are installed at busy intersections, they also install sensors in the roadway. Sometimes a light is slow to change and so we roll our car a little bit to trip the sensor.

What most people don't know is that there is a high probabilty that some of the major intersections in a town or city have also been wired for electro magnetic pulse attacks on vehicles.

Remember the Total Information Awareness created by DARPA?




Total Information Awareness pdf


Do you remember the concept of "Total War"?




Total War pdf


Total means TOTAL and that includes YOU.

So with that in mind, picture a large metro city like L.A.

Trying to control all of L.A. all at once would be like trying to eat an elephant all at one time. BUT..... if the New World Order has divided the city into quadrants and sectors, they can immobilize ONE sector at a time by activating the electro magnetic pulse cables at the major intersections that border that sector, completely blocking the major roadways with disabled vehicles. Nobody comes out and nobody goes into that sector by means of auto.

Meanwhile, the rest of L.A. keeps on ticking, sort of. The New World Order can also shut down the major highways / freeways surrounding the entire city, thus creating a captive but still largely uncontrolled population within the city limits.

Have you started to see the need for owning a gun yet?

Here is a report by the USA Congress dated JULY 16, 1997

Threat Posed By Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to US Military Systems And Civil Infrastructure




Threat Posed By Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to US Military Systems And Civil Infrastructure pdf


But I draw your attention to page 2.




Threat Posed By Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) to US Military Systems And Civil Infrastructure page 2 pdf


Search that page for the word housing and begin reading. The 1st few paragraphs should be enough for you to realize that EMP cables buried under the roadways is a very likely probability. Don't stop reading until you read the portion about cars.


---- BREAK ----


I will show you about cars, just to make sure you understand what's happening.

"How much of the telecommunications systems would fail and for how long, how much of the power grid would be disrupted and for how long, how many cars would stop and/or would not start are things that are extremely difficult to predict.

However, just consider what would happen if even a small fraction of the cars on the beltway stopped, and expand that to all the roads throughout the country.

It is also clear that the infrastructure, in general, has become more vulnerable to EMP because of the solid state technology proliferation and the increase in more sensitive components."

This "report by the USA Congress dated JULY 16, 1997" is "soft disclosure", meaning that this PLAN to disable vehicles has been in the works for a VERY long time BEFORE 1997, when Congress FOLLOWED THEIR HOLLYWOOD SCRIPT while revealing it to the public. However, the public NEVER pays attention to anything unless the TV "news" media continually talks about something. I basically said that VERY thing in my article MORON FBI Agent Writes Article Saying 'Cops Aren't Your Enemy'.

"The Police Trainer Who Teaches Cops to Kill (The New Yorker)


In that video, pay CLOSE attention at that 1:20 mark when this "police trainer" says "the ONLY way that you make a FRIGHTENED person REACT in a certain way is to DRILL IT INTO THEM. To make it a CONDITIONED response."

How many "mass shootings" have you been told about? El Paso and Dayton have recently been in the "news" because of "mass shootings". I'm NOT going to write about either of them, BUT I DON'T BELIEVE they happened. I have seen NO EVIDENCE.

How many school lockdowns are happening because of some FAKE event?

How many ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILLS are happening around the country?


Your ENEMY (ALL local / state / federal governments) is NOT going to stop attacking YOU. EVER!!!! Seriously.

DRILLS ........     DRILLS .......      DRILLS .........

FAKE "mass shootings" will be DRILLED into you.

FAKE "school lockdowns" will be DRILLED into you.

FAKE "police shootings" will be DRILLED into you.

And if that's not enough, churches, businesses, colleges are providing ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILLS under the guise that everyone needs to be prepared (for the next GOVERNMENT SPONSORED ACT OF TERRORISM).


---- END OF BREAK ----


You thought that the computer and electronic ignition system was to improve your car's performance and save fuel. Now you will know differently.

TV News - Water Powered Car





Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find


Oil is not a fossil fuel - it is Abiotic



Fossils From Animals And Plants Are Not Necessary For Crude Oil And Natural Gas, Swedish Researchers Find pdf



Oil is not a fossil fuel - it is Abiotic pdf


We could all be driving water fueled cars with the old points and plugs ignition system, but the New World Order needs you driving your computer electronic ignition vehicles in order to use this new technology against you. Some of you are actually paying to have this sort of diabolical "mad scientist" technology installed in your vehicles.

3. The Dark Side of a Star

"Welcome to OnStar. How may we enslave...... er..... help you today"?

How many people are paying OnStar to listen to them without knowing it?

How many people are paying OnStar to track their every move and maintaining records on those movements?

How many people are paying OnStar to deny them access to the use of their vehicle if the government orders it?

How many people are paying OnStar to kill their vehicle's engine while driving if the government wants to arrest them?

Look beyond the propaganda of the article and videos. What you are seeing is your enslavement wrapped up in a "reasonable" presentation. After all, these people really care about you.

OnStar debuts Stolen Vehicle Slowdown service (UPDATED: 2019 0825)




OnStar debuts Stolen Vehicle Slowdown service pdf


Notice the word felon being used in this video. That word is used to CON_vince people that it's the "bad guy" who this system will be used to thwart. However, wise readers will realize that this system will be used against anyone that the government claims to be a "terrorist". Do you believe in freedom? You are a terrorist. Do you believe in lower taxes? You are a terrorist. Do you home school? You are a terrorist.

OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown Video News Release (Terminated Video)



---- BREAK ----


OnStar Stolen Vehicle Slowdown (Published on Jun 3, 2008)




This video is interesting. Pay attention to the words being spoken.

0:18 mark "law enforcement"
0:40 mark "officers"
1:04 mark "law enforcement officers"

Ha.......... Ha......... Ha..............

What a tangled web of brainwashing in that 76 second video.

Do you know what words we didn't hear?
We didn't hear PEACE OFFICERS, which is what the police are REALLY supposed to be. Of course, MOST cops are NOT PEACE Officers at all. They are New World Order SOLDIERS.

Read ALL of my articles, starting with
Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye and afterward. Everything I just said will make sense to you if you read those articles. YOU WILL KNOW MORE THAN MOST COPS KNOW after reading those articles.

---- END OF BREAK ----


OK, what's not to like about this video? We have a pretty and perky soccer mom sharing all of the benefits that OnStar has to offer. In fact, this person's youtube account is mommylovestech. What a great name for a person who is trying to lure the unwitting person into trusting her.

And she is selling an OnStar product that you can put in your own car.

Don't think of it as buying the rope that will hang you, NOOOooooooo.

Think of it as having your own personal concierge at the finest hotel at your fingertips who is only there to serve you.

Never Get Lost Again - OnStar FMV Mirror Review



4. World Domination by the USA

Here is the current situation. The "peaceful" USA government is pushing for a war with Iran.

Map: US bases encircle Iran (UPDATED: 2019 0825)




Map: US bases encircle Iran jpg


The "peaceful" USA government, the only one to ever use nuclear weapons against an enemy, is ready to destroy another country because the USA claims that Iran is producing nuclear weapons.

Stop and ponder that. The USA is ready to take the world to war because it claims that Iran is making nuclear weapons.

Food for thought: Japan tried to surrender before the USA dropped nuclear bombs on it.

Hiroshima Hoax: Japan's 'Wllingness to Surrender Before the Bomb




Hiroshima Hoax: Japan's Willingness to Surrender Before the Bomb pdf


Why the Atomic Bombings Could Have Been Avoided (UPDATED: 2019 0919)




Why the Bombings Could Have Been Avoided pdf


The Hiroshima Lie




The Hiroshima Lie pdf

And to make things even more interesting, the USA President who murdered those 100s of thousands of innocent Japanese civilians after Japan had tried to surrender was 33 degree Freemason Harry S Truman.
Here is a very interesting article about the murderous President Truman.

United States Presidents and The Illuminati / Masonic Power Structure




United States Presidents and The Illuminati / Masonic Power Structure pdf


The evidence is all around us. The USA government is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video) and it is nearly ready to dominate the entire world for the antichrist, including you and me. You are not safe from the satanic occupying power that claims to be the USA government and claims authority over you.

Everything is screaming out to you that we are living in the very endtimes of the Bible.

Hidden History: America's Secret Drone War in Africa (UPDATED: 2019 0923)



Hidden History: America's Secret Drone War in Africa pdf


The article mentions that USA drones have killed a claimed 112 militants while also killing a reported 57 innocent civilians as the USA hunted down someone who is said to have killed 74 soccer fans.

Let's do the math. The USA admits to killing 57 innocent people while hunting down a person who reportedly killed 74 innocent people. So far, the USA has killed almost an equal number. But more importantly, what is this constant undeclared war doing to the population? Imagine having to live every day with the constant fear that the USA military will kill you, intentionally or not. And let's not forget, 33 degree Freemason Harry S Truman murdered 100s of thousands of innocent people, so does the satanic USA government really care about killing a few hundred or a few thousand innocent people?

Here is another story linked in the previous story. In this story, the USA saves 2 humanitarian aid workers. 2???? The USA has been fighting a secret war in the area for 2-3 years, and we are to believe that all of this is to save a few humanitarian aid workers?

East Africa Is the New Epicenter of America's Shadow War (UPDATED: 2019 0923)



East Africa Is the New Epicenter of America's Shadow War pdf


This is the USA military engaged in the complete domination of the world and a wise reader will pay attention, because these articles are describing exactly what is coming to the USA in the near future.

Do you remember recent military training taking place in USA cities? Here is one such article.
Black Helicopters and Heavily Armed Soldiers Conduct Drills In Downtown Chicago As Preparation for NATO Summit Confrontations Continue (UPDATED: 2019 0825)




Black Helicopters and Heavily Armed Soldiers Conduct Drills In Downtown Chicago As Preparation for NATO Summit Confrontations Continue pdf


We have all heard the saying "What goes around, comes around". Well, it's already starting to come around.

5. The Hegelian Dialectic of the New World Order

We all know that the satanic USA government is pushing HARD for a war with Iran, but who understands why?

Here is just a piece of the puzzle.

First, listen carefully to this video of President Bush Sr promoting the New World Order.

George Bush Sr. New World Order Live Speech Sept 11 1991



Now read this article that has Iran's President Ahmadinejad calling for a New World Order.

Iran's Ahmadinejad pushes new world order (UPDATED: 2019 0823)




Iran's Ahmadinejad pushes new world order pdf


Here is the Hegelian Dialectic:

Thesis - USA gov't calling Iran "evil" (promotes the New World Order)

Antithesis - Iran gov't calling USA a "bully" (calling for a New World Order)

Synthesis - the USA and Iran go to war and both sides eventually come to terms and create a New World Order.

Think of it like this...... you have a glass of milk and you have some chocolate powder. When the 2 things are combined, neither of them is the same. They combine and become something different from their original form.

Thesis - milk
Antithesis - chocolate powder
Synthesis - chocolate milk

The New World Order is controlling both the USA government and the Iranian government. There is NO disagreement at the top levels. The top levels are ONLY ACTING their parts while working very hard to fool the world.

These men are NOT enemies. They belong to the SAME street gang, and they are flashing the same "gang hand signs".

Iran's Ahmadinejad (satanic hand sign)  SCROLL DOWN (UPDATED: 2019 0923)

USA's Obama (satanic hand sign) SCROLL DOWN (UPDATED: 2019 0923)



OK...... this has gotten pretty long already. I have much more information to share, but it won't be in this article.

I don't ask anyone to take my word for anything that I write. I provide information, usually with supporting materials, but it is up to each person to do their own research to verify what I have shared.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.