Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

"Your Money and Liar's Poker" by Kevin Dunn
Written and posted on August 01, 2013

Back in 2007, I participated in writing an article about the coming 1930's style depression. The times were pretty good in 2007 when we wrote that article and few people believed that things would change. My co-writer shared our article with a group of people one evening that included a man who had been very successful in life, acquiring more wealth than most people will ever know. None of the people in that group believed that article.

I have noticed a strange thing about some people who are financially successful. While they are very skilled in certain things in life and they are paid very well for their talents in those areas, they don't seem to understand the bigger picture when it comes to money. They have bought into the illusion of the monetary system.

I'm writing this article because there is a constant landslide of FAULTY AND DECEPTIVE information coming from the New World Order controlled mainstream "news" media and from the New World Order controlled "alternative news media".

It should be very clear to anyone who has read my previous articles, that Alex Jones is a New World Order insider who is pretending to fight the New World Order while he is really deceiving his listeners and the readers of his website. In particular, there are writers from two websites that are constantly posting articles about money issues on Alex Jones website. Those websites are "Economic Collapse" and "Zero Hedge".

Just ponder the names of those websites. They sound very dire indeed, just like Alex Jones' website of "Infowars". Well....... I proved in my past articles that Alex Jones is most certainly fighting an INFO WAR by deceiving his radio audience. Life is mostly a head game and Alex Jones is doing all that he can do to play with people's minds and get them completely turned around and going the wrong way.

Some readers will know the expression "generals promote generals" which is a way of saying that the various systems keep promoting the same sort of people who are trying to achieve the same goal. Alex Jones is a major player working for the New World Order and it only stands to reason that he will post articles on his website that are doing the same sort of things that he is doing himself.

I know nothing about any of the writers that appear on Alex Jones website, but I do know deception when I see it and hear it and read it. In order to be good at deceiving people, a great deal of truth must be shared and almost without exception, those articles about money have a plethora of facts and figures. Sometimes it's just comical how many facts and figures are posted in a single article and it all sounds so..... well...... factual.

However, at the end of their dog and pony show, the writers always come up short when it comes to sharing the REALLY important facts. They are not bad writers and they certainly pump out article after article after article almost like they are on an assembly line making cars. It's quite impressive to see that they have written a "new" article almost every day. A person could certainly get the idea that they are being paid to crank those things out.

Those writers constantly talk about "debt". Debt....... DEBT....... DEBT!

Do you know what they don't talk about? They don't explain what that "debt" is. They don't talk about what is REALLY owed and to whom it is owed and why it is owed.

Look........ I'm no authority on finances. I'm just a simple person who has the ability to think and ask questions. Here is a question for you.

What is a dollar? This answer can be accurately stated in 3 words. Here is a hint.....

What are inches, feet, yards, miles, ounces, pounds, tons, pints, quarts, gallons, minutes, hours, days?

The answer is simple. All of those things are units of measurement.

And there is the answer to my question about a dollar. A dollar is a unit of measurement.

That is *ALL* that a dollar is and nothing more.

Additionally, except for the VALUE of a dollar, none of those other units of measurement have ever changed in my life.

Now why haven't the writers from those two websites told you that? Why are they trying to scare you with all of their facts and figures and statistics instead of just explaining things to you?

Those writers are putting on a great show as they try to razzle and dazzle you. Is it working? Are you believing their nonsense? My guess is yes, most people do believe the nonsense because they are getting hit from every direction, every day by the mainstream "news' media and places like Alex Jones' disInfowars website.

This is simple stuff, ladies and gentlemen.

People (real) go to work for 40 hours per week (real) where they make products or perform services (real) only to get paid with "paper money" (FAKE) or digits on a bank's computer (EXTREMELY Fake).

Let that simple concept sink in. This is the crux of the matter when it comes to finances.

Here is what you need to know..... paper *NEVER* has value, it only represents value. Your car has value, but the title to that car is ONLY a legal representation of the car. Lose the title and $5 gets you a new one. Lose the car and you lose all of it's VALUE.

If paper "money" actually has value, why do they burn it when it gets old?

Do you see how simple all of this is? It really, REALLY is simple, but the entire New World Order controlled "news" media and the New World Order controlled "alternative media" are all working against you and me in their constant lies and deceptions.

It's not just the "news" media that is a part of the deception. The entertainment industry is brainwashing us constantly. Think about a really great movie about some bank heist. It's very dramatic with an exciting plot and wonderful actors. These actors manage to break into some bank and walk away with suitcases filled with $100 bills amounting to several millions of dollars. But wait........

If paper *NEVER* has value, then what did they really steal? How is having suitcases of $100 bills any different than a traveling greeting card salesman having suitcases of cards? Both the $100 bills and the greeting cards are made from paper.

Are you getting it yet?

In 1933, the traitorous USA President FDR outlawed REAL money. He ordered people to turn in their gold for paper. Gold is REAL. Gold is hard to locate in the ground and when it is located, it takes hard work to extract it and process it. Gold has value, all by itself. Gold does not represent value like paper, gold has value all by itself.

The American People have been tricked into believing that paper and computer digits are money, but the New World Order knows that paper only has the value that they say that it has. This is why a person can't keep up with their finances. The satanic government and the New World Order controlled banks keep reducing the value of paper money because they can print as much as they want without limit. Computer digits are even easier. They can't do that with gold or anything else that is REAL.

Paper "money" is an illusion and we have all been deceived. It's not our fault that we have been lied to our entire lives by the New World Order controlled governments and "news" media and the entertainment industry and the "education" system and worst of all, the false preachers in the government controlled 501c3 "Christian churches".

The 501(c)(3) controls your Church



The Government OWNS and RUNS your Church and its Doctrines!
501c3 Tax-Exempt Organizations by Lorraine Day, M.D.



The Government OWNS and RUNS your Church and is Doctrines! 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organizations by Lorraine Day, M.D. pdf

Why aren't Alex Jones and those writers on his homepage explaining these simple concepts to you? It's not hard to figure out, is it?

Why are you using paper "money" or computer digits? Because the government will use FORCE on anyone who does not use that FAKE money. Remember FDR threatening to arrest people who did not turn in their gold for paper? Nothing has changed.

Are you paying attention police officers? Most of you are happy to be called Law enFORCEment Officers. Do you see what that means? You have been fooled into using force that will come back to bite you. Most of you will never get a retirement. Do your own research and you will find that police retirement systems all around the country are in serious jeopardy. You will be ordered to abuse the American People like the Boston PD did after the marathon bombing and MOST of you will do it because you want to reach your retirement. Well........ it's not going to happen for most of you. Read the article "The  Enforcers Are Destroying America" and watch the videos. What you will reap for obeying your chain of command when ordered to abused the public is a very bad outcome on Judgment Day. Take your time. Read every article I wrote and then do your own research.

So here is what it comes down to. The New World Order has always used force against the American people if their deceptions failed to produce their desired outcomes. If you refuse to be deceived, then they will send ignorant Law enFORCEment Officers to make you comply.

There are two solutions to the ignorant Law enFORCEment Officers problem.

One is to educate them, which is what I have been trying to do with this website and the forums that I visit before I get banned for telling the truth. If you want to help educate the police, then consider directing them to this website. Most of those police officers are well intentioned people who have been lied to as much as all of us, PLUS the top brass is lying to them. The officers from the Boston PD did not just go crazy after the bombing, they were COMMANDED by the top brass to do the detestable things that they did. The top brass in America's police departments are SOLD OUT to the New World Order and they serve the New World Order and *not* the American People. I know, because the Arizona Highway Patrol top brass lied to all of the officers about the OK City bombing in 1995 but I did not know I was lied to until after I retired in 1998 and then 9-11 happened. I was ignorant then, but not so much now.

The second solution is to own at least one firearm to defend yourself. I wrote about God's ordained approval for people to defend themselves in my article "What is REAL and What is Imaginary". Avoidance is always better than conflict, but God does approve of self defense.

It's MUCH better to educate people, so be brave and post a link to this website in a forum and try to peacefully solve a problem before it becomes bigger. God will reward you for your efforts in the end.

Matthew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

What are you, police officers? Are you peacemakers?

As for the “debt” that all of these writers and TV “news” types keep talking about, what is owed? Since paper “money” is FAKE and “debt” is denominated in that fake paper “money” exactly what is owed?

Most “money" is nothing but digits on a computer. Why is someone else's digits better than our computer digits? Why can't anyone of us send the government and banks as many computer digits as they require and end *ALL* of the “debt” in the entire world?

If they paid us in gold and silver, that would be different, but they are paying us in pretend “money” so we owe them NOTHING!!!

What the satanic USA government and the bankers have done is taken REAL people and the fruits of their labors and attached an illusion of "debt" in the form of paper, but......paper NEVER has value. The only thing that is REAL is the FORCE used by the enforcers.

This is what it comes down to. All of the razzle dazzle by the writers and the TV"news" types is about maintaining the illusion that those suitcases are not just filled with paper. People are real and yet they are being controlled by an illusion.

These are the end times of the Bible. If you refuse to believe in Jesus Christ and the King James Bible, then God is going to send you a delusion, maybe about "debt" and paper "money".

2 Thessalonians 2:11 and for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie

Concerning this article........ it's simple to see the truth. If the truth eludes you, ask God to open your eyes and show you.

Once again........ Alex Jones and his website have been proven to be controlled by the New World Order in an attempt to deceive you and me. I will NEVER trust Alex Jones, will you?

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.