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Reasons to Distrust the Police

UPDATED on March 12, 2017

Here is a shocking video that I watched a few minutes ago involving the Vallejo, California Police Department.

VIDEO: Brutal Arrest Raises Questions Of Excessive Force
Published on Mar 11, 2017



A quick search revealed this information.

Police Brutality in Vallejo, California




Police Brutality in Vallejo, California.pdf

Look at this picture from that website. Enlarge it.

Everything about this event is disturbing and I do mean everything.

The cop in the video, Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley, looks like a gang banger who stole a police uniform and his outrageous behaviour does not contradict his appearance. Look at this guy. His arms are so filled with tattoos, I wasn't sure if he was wearing some sort of shirt with strange designs as I watched the video. That picture makes it very clear that the cop is a walking tattoo billboard.

Here is what you need to know about tattoos.
TO TATTOO OR NOT TO TATTOO - Dial-the-Truth Ministries
(Note: If link above does not open to the tattoo article, please copy the website address and paste it in to a new browser page to access the article.)

"According to US News and World Report, (November 3, 1997) tattooing is the country's sixth-fastest-growing retail business. And growing at the amazing rate of more than one new tattoo studio every day."

And get this. . . Lycos, who ranks the Top 50 search words every week, found "tattoos" was the fourth most searched word for the year 2001! For the week of October 15, 2002 (when this was written) "tattoos" was number six. And among the highly-prized Lycos 50 Elite, which is the 50 most popular topics in the history of the Lycos - "tattoos" comes in at a solid number seven. (search results at [Note: Jesus or Christ did not even make the Lycos Top 100, "the Bible" ranked number 18.]

In other words. . . the world has gone "tattoo crazy".

Even among many Christians the once-forbidden tattoo is welcomed with open arms (and legs, and necks, and backs, et al). Not surprising the major perpetrator of the Christian tattoo is the Christian rock music community. And fast following their Christian rock idols, thousands of Christian young people are getting "marked for Jesus" with the tattoo. Among the fastest growing trend in the tattoo industry is the "Christian tattoo shops".

It's an 8 page article, and it's well worth reading. You will be clearly shown that God prohibits tattooing, but Satan is promoting tattoos everywhere we look. If you have read my previous articles, you know that the USA government is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video) and it is as Satanic as it gets. NO country is MORE EVIL than America. I'm trying hard not to write a full blown article here, so I suggest that you read my article "Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye" to better understand the connections that are SCREAMING out at us in this Vallejo California video. This stuff is pure evil and it's right out in the open.

Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley is a former Marine. That IndyBay news article says "Spencer maintained an exemplary record as Marine Corporal, earning a number of awards and decorations, including the National Defense Service Medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Combat Action Ribbon and three Afghanistan Campaign Medals.

Here is what "exemplary Marines" do.

Why are these Marines drinking cobra blood?
Because this is a ceremony honoring Satan.

Marines drink cobra blood in Thailand military drill
Published on Feb 15, 2014



3 years later................

Taming cobras and drinking their blood, US marines learn to survive in the jungle
Published on Feb 17, 2017



"While the rest of world was celebrating Valentine's Day on February 14, military personnel from the US and 29 other countries were in Thailand attending the 36th jungle survival"

The ONE World Military (Satan's Military) is forming and training together NOW! 29 countries is just a small representation of this ONE World Military that is being CREATED by the USA government and ALL of the TRAITOROUS TOP generals and admirals in the USA military. The USA military is being led by SCUM with 4 stars on their uniforms and the USA police are being led by SCUM with 4 stars on their uniforms. You ARE looking at the  ENEMIES of the American People and the rest of the world when you see these people in the "news". Without writing a long thing about it now, STARS = angels in the King James Bible. Satan's FALLEN angels are stars too and isn't it interesting that Satan's SCUM generals and police chiefs wear stars?

When things get really bad, and they are going to get VERY bad, you will know that the Homegrown Terrorists in the White House and the USA Congress and the USA Supreme Court and the USA Military and the USA Police are to blame.

US military footprint covers 75% of countries on Earth
Published on Oct 16, 2014



Please forgive me for taking a few side trips, but believe me when I tell you that it took a great deal of restraint on my part not to write more because EVERYTHING is connected.

So back to this thug in a police uniform.

Does this guy represent you? Does this guy look like someone who would make you feel safe if you just happened to see him anywhere in public? When I was a cop (retired 18 years now), seeing someone with as many tattoos as Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley, I instantly considered the possibility that I was dealing with an ex-convict. Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley's behaviour in that video still makes me think of prison convicts.

Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley chased a "suspect" because someone called in a report of a "crazy" person who ran away when this tattooed cop shows up. I don't blame anyone for fearing a cop with tattoos. Even "sane" people would look at Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley and think that something is not right with this guy.

When the "suspect" stopped running and just sat down, did Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley use verbal skills to lower the level of potential conflict? Nope.

But wait a minute here. The Indy bay article says that the Vallejo City Manager's Bi-Weekly Report 2015-06-26 said "Spencer graduated from the Napa Valley Police Academy on Saturday, June 13, ranking second in his class. He was recognized for his "leadership, problem solving and communication skills."

There is an obvious disconnect here. Think about it

1. Spencer was mentioned as having just graduated from the police academy and he ranked #2 in his graduating class.

2. He was recognized for his leadership.

3. He was recognized for his communication skills.

What can we surmise from that?

1. The police chiefs and sheriffs are INTENTIONALLY hiring people who have NO business being cops in the first place and of those unqualified people, Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley ranked 2nd in his graduating class. It makes you wonder just how bad the rest of that class was, doesn't it?

2. Leadership? Where was the leadership in that video? Any MORON could jump on a person who was already sitting down on a curb and start pounding the person with fists and a flashlight. Didn't Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley know that other officers were coming to help him? Didn't he think that it would be easier and better for everyone to peacefully arrest the "suspect" when that help arrived? The "suspect" didn't try to run away again. He already stopped running on his own.

Here's a tip for the UNQUALIFIED people who are cops. When you start hitting someone in an OFFENSIVE manner (NOT to defend yourself) like Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley hit the "suspect", the person who is getting hit will ball up in an attempt to protect themselves from your CRIMINAL assault against them, which only leads MORONS like you to hit them even harder. Bystanders become legitimately OUTRAGED by your actions and then YOU start fearing for your own miserable life.

Here is how that works. Are you paying attention?

Guards that Beat Fan are then Beaten by More Fans
  (UPDATED: 2019 0814)




3. Communication skills? What did he say to the suspect before jumping on him and beating him? A GOOD officer could have said any number of things to de-escalate the tension, but Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley clearly failed to use any of those comments.

Are you seeing the problem here?


In my first article about not trusting the police (, I showed you that the Evanston Police Department officers behaved like street thugs and the police chief approved. Those Evanston cops were following their TRAINING.

Now the Napa Valley Police Academy is saying that Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley was ranked #2 in his class and that he showed leadership and communication skills.

TRAINING. It's what makes a potentially GOOD cop into a VERY BAD cop. Today's cops are being TRAINED very badly and they are performing VERY BADLY. How hard is this to figure out?

Also concerning "Police Communication". There is NO WAY that someone with tattoos should be hired as a cop. NO WAY. We aren't talking about someone's physical characteristics. We are talking about someone choosing to communicate what they think through tattoos. Choosing to defile their own body with satanic markings is them telling the world that they have chosen a path that is outside of the parameters of the average person who is living in that community. Police officers are supposed to be a representative of the people who they serve and looking like a street thug in a police uniform disqualifies them.

Hiring people with tattoos to be police officers is an OPEN ATTACK against the community that they were hired to SERVE. This should come as no surprise to the people who have read my articles. The police chiefs and sheriffs are SCUM and they ARE attacking the American People every chance that they get.

In the video, we have a guy named Don Cameron "police trainer", who is supporting the CRIMINAL acts committed by Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley when he assaulted a non-combative "suspect". Don Cameron is a MORON or he is a New World Order sell-out. Either way, is it any wonder that cops are performing badly when people like Don Cameron are "training" them?

90% of GOOD police work is THINKING WELL. That includes accurately evaluating a situation within a few seconds of arriving and accurately evaluating the people present for officer safety reasons. Officers are being TRAINED to use FORCE when good verbal skills (thinking skills) will resolve most situations peacefully. Unreasonable FEAR is intentionally being instilled in cops. I wrote about that in "Arizona is Dog Training Drivers". The tactic is simple. Train the cops to be afraid of the very public THEY ASKED TO SERVE when they applied to be police officers. Those fear filled cops become overly aggressive when dealing with what should be manageable situations and they end-up over-reacting and hurting or killing people without justification. This naturally makes the public fear/hate cops. The public then responds with anger and maybe violence. It's a vicious cycle and the SCUM police chiefs and sheriffs are creating it intentionally as part of their efforts to destroy America for their New World Order masters.

Every BAD act I have seen committed by a cop is the result of poor thinking. People who defile their own bodies with tattoos (like Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley) are telling the world that they ARE bad thinkers and STILL these SCUM police chiefs and sheriffs are hiring them. They WANT bad thinkers. They WANT aggressive cops. They WANT to offend and provoke the public. This is a planned attack against ALL of us and I keep telling people to get a gun. The police ARE our enemy now. Not all of them, but MANY of them.


After you get a gun, live in peace if the government will allow it.

The video also shows former Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan, who is NOT a moron. He is a New World Order sellout who has the smarts to be slightly more diplomatic in his response than Don Cameron. He says Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley's "initial contact is fine". FINE???? He says that it was bad to continue his actions after help arrived.

It's OK to CRIMINALLY assault a non-combative "suspect" when you are the only officer on scene, but it's bad to keep doing it when help arrives. Is that how things work?

The "suspect" was not trying to escape. The "suspect" was not attacking Officer Spencer Muniz-Bottomley. Nonetheless, this New World Order sellout police chief approves of the assault against the "suspect" initially.

Understand this. There was NO CRIME to begin with. The "suspect" was only acting "crazy" according to ONE person who called the police. The "suspect" ran from the police when they arrived. Is that a crime? As it turns out, the "suspect" was charged with "resisting arrest" and "being under the influence" of what? I don't know California law (ALL "laws" are UNCONSTITUTIONAL as shown in the article "Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?") but it appears that the charges are a COVER for BAD police work.

This event was SOOOOOooooooo bad on so many levels.

More to come.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.