Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Good Cops. Bad Cops. How to tell the difference
By Kevin Dunn. Written and posted on October 17, 2017.

There are SO MANY things to write about concerning the police. I will start with something that makes me feel good. The officers in this first event are exactly how I remember cops being 40 years ago when I first became an Arizona Highway Patrolman.

Belen Police Department (Taser Used,Man with Knife)
(no audio for the 1st 25 seconds)



Published on Mar 5, 2015

"Belen Police said the man was jumping in front of cars, and yelling at drivers in the road on S. Main Street Tuesday. When police caught up with him, dash cam video shows the man wasn’t going down without a fight."

The same video is here, but with more written narrative.

Knife-wielding man tells police 'shoot me'
Occurred On: Mar-4-2015

"A man in Belen told police to shoot him, while brandishing a large knife. But what officers did next, has community members calling in to thank them for handling a dangerous situation well.

Belen Police said the man was jumping in front of cars, and yelling at drivers in the road on S. Main Street Tuesday. When police caught up with him, dash cam video shows the man wasn't going down without a fight.

Dash cam video from a Belen Police officer shows him responding to a call for a man jumping and yelling at cars. "He's approaching me with something, he has a knife in his hand," the officer stated to dispatch.

The responding officer recognized the man as 33-year-old Robert Padilla. The day before, the same officer cited Padilla for reckless driving near a park.

"Mr. Padilla it's officer Chavez, lets talk ok?" the officer said over the PA system. But Padilla shouted"

The same event as reported on the TV "News" in New Mexico.

Belen officer uses Taser on knife-wielding man



Published on Mar 5, 2015

"Belen police officers confronted a man with a knife Tuesday morning and it was all caught on police dashcam video."

That is how GOOD police officers do the job. Officer Chavez does a GREAT job from start to finish. Notice how calm he is from the very beginning. When he sees the suspect approaching him hostilely, while holding a knife, he calmly retreats by driving backward until the suspect turns and walks away. It doesn't get any better than that. Instead of making the situation worse, Officer Chavez uses GOOD judgment, knowing that he has TIME to handle this encounter effectively.

Officer Chavez follows the suspect and at some point, he recognizes the suspect and he addresses him as MISTER Padilla over the loudspeaker. Officer Chavez shows the suspect respect while maintaining a calm voice.

If you have read my previous articles, you have seen where I talk about officers using GOOD verbal skills to peacefully accomplish the job. Officer Chavez is doing exactly that. Officer Chavez is trying to talk the suspect into peacefully submitting to him. He is TALKING like one person to another. I can't say enough good things about his handling of this situation. EVERY police officer should be TRAINED to handle difficult situations in the way that Officer Chavez handled this event.

Officer Chavez talked to the suspect like he was talking to a person who is standing on the ledge of a tall building and is about to commit suicide. He is doing a great job trying to connect with the suspect as one person to another instead of ENFORCER to thug like we see in so many videos of the police.

Notice how Officer Chavez approaches the suspect with his gun drawn, BUT it is not pointed at the suspect. Officer Chavez is prepared to shoot the suspect, if needed, BUT he does not threaten the suspect with the gun nor does he yell "GET DOWN" "GET DOWN" GET DOWN" like so many EXTREMELY POORLY trained cops do now. Officer Chavez continues to calmly talk to the suspect as another very young officer comes up next to Officer Chavez and he too remains calm with his gun in his hand, but not pointed at the suspect. I was one of many firearms instructors for the Arizona Highway Patrol, and these officers did things exactly right.

EXCELLENT job!!! Both officers are calmly standing there and Officer Chavez does ALL of the talking except for the officer standing at the patrol car nearest the suspect, who speaks just before tasing the suspect. That officer was also calm, while telling the suspect to drop the knife, before finally shooting him with a taser.

The suspect fell backwards and four officers calmly handcuffed the suspect.

How to determine if a police officer is a good cop.

1. Calmness, even when things are difficult.
2. Quickness to use words to de-escalate a situation.
3. Talks to people, does NOT command them.
4. Uses GOOD judgment, especially in fluid situations.
5. Shows a willingness to step back to avoid physical conflict, if possible.
6. Slow to employ ANY force.
7. Uses restraint, using ONLY the force necessary to accomplish the task.

This video should be used as a training video in every police dept in America and every police academy. This is how GOOD officers did the job when I was still a cop. I don't see much of this happening anymore. The reason I don't see it is because the SCUM police chiefs and sheriffs have sold their souls to Satan's New World Order and it's their job to help destroy America by training police officers to be thugs.

Now compare that event to this event.

This video was in my article "Reasons to Distrust the Police"

Controversial dashcam video released in police excessive force case



CBS Evening News
Published on Jan 16, 2017

"Police in suburban Chicago are being sued for false arrest and excessive force for how they handled the case of an African-American man spotted dealing with car trouble. Dean Reynolds has the story and the dashcam video."

Those cops did NOTHING right. They performed the exact opposite of the way that Officer Chavez and his fellow officers performed. That video should be used as a training video in every police dept and police academy for what NOT to do.

Here is another BAD performance by another police department.

Body camera video shows encounter between police and 5 black teens in Michigan



ABC News
Published on Apr 25, 2017

"Officers displayed professionalism throughout ordeal, police said."

Good grief!!!

I fault the police chief more than anyone, but come on!!! That officer immediately points his gun at 5 young teenagers because of a report that one of them has a gun. The officer hasn't seen the gun. The officer hasn't been threatened by the teenagers, BUT HEY, someone says that they saw a gun and the cop goes into complete RED alert. HE is so brainwashed to think that ANYONE who has a gun, is a THREAT to him, while it never even occurs to him that HE is the person who is a THREAT to everyone.

This is complete BS.

BS = Brainwashing Stuff.

It takes a completely brainwashed police officer to point his gun directly at 5 very young teenagers as if they are Al Capone and gang, simply because someone reported that one of them has a gun. His brainwashing happened in the police academy and then it was continued by his police chief, who supported the officer's actions.

Listen up, ALL you BRAINWASHED cops in America. YOU ASKED to do the job. If you are too afraid to do the job properly, go do something else. NOBODY wants you threatening innocent people because YOU are AFRAID of being hurt. Part of the job of being a police officer is feeling FEAR sometimes. Sometimes, officers get hurt.

You took the job to help people, right?
You can't be a hero while acting like a ZERO.

Nobody expects you to be SUPERMAN or SUPERWOMAN, but we ALL expect you to use GOOD judgment. If you would rather threaten innocent people, especially by pointing your gun at them, instead of risking the possibility that you might get hurt, then YOU are just a PRETENDER wearing a police uniform as a costume and NOBODY wants you.

YOU are on the wrong side of things. ALL of you.

YOUR police chiefs and sheriffs are SCUM.

Local / state / federal Judges are SCUM.

Governors / State Legislatures / County Supervisors / Mayors / City Councils are SCUM.

The USA President / USA Congress / USA Supreme Court are SCUM.

I showed you these things in the article Hey Voters......... Have You Figured It Out Yet?


YOU are the FORCE that is DESTROYING America.

The President / Congress / Supreme Court / Governors / State Legislatures / Mayors / City Councils / Police Chiefs / Sheriffs CAN NOT make anyone do anything. Most of those people are FAT OLD men and women who have NO ability to FORCE anyone to do anything.

What they can do, is BRAINWASH you into believing things that are NOT true. Then YOU do things, BASED on your brainwashing, that HARMS everyone, including you.

You ARE the force, NOT those FAT OLD men and women.

Isn't it time that you start understanding the world before it's too late for you?

Now here is another MURDER by the police.

Cops Shoot Man Holding Gun With Arms Raised
(this video shows several angles, so watch to the end. It's VERY clear at the end)



Published on Oct 6, 2017

"Newly released video of the September police shooting of Rueben Galindo shows the Charlotte man exiting his apartment with his hands raised above his head seconds before officers fatally shot him. Between three and four seconds appear to elapse from when Galindo appears at his doorway, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers begin to shout orders for him to drop his weapon, and a series of gunshots ring out, the videos show. The 29-year-old then slumps to the ground outside his northeast Charlotte apartment. While police Chief Kerr Putney on Friday continued to defend his officer’s decisions to shoot Galindo, an national expert in police shootings who viewed the videos at the request of the Observer, called the footage “troubling,” and said that Galindo appeared to be trying to comply with two separate police orders – drop it and put the gun down – when he was shot.

“I would describe the video as troubling,” said Phil Stinson, a criminal justice professor at Bowling Green State University and a former law enforcement officer. “In and of itself, the video does not show that the officers are legally justified to shoot.” Putney told the Observer on Friday that videos never tell the whole story of what officers perceived at the time. Officers have limited options when facing a lethal threat, the chief said, and have to think about saving their own lives and the lives of other people. “I'm not going to second-guess how (officers) perceive a lethal threat,” he said. However, a Charlotte activist described the video of Galindo’s death as “horrific,” and called on city leaders to provide justice to the dead man’s family. “We have a man who had his hands up for a full four or five seconds before police shot him,” Hector Vaca, Charlotte director of the nonprofit Action NC, told the Observer. “It is obvious he was complying with directives from police. What we need now is justice. We need CMPD to take responsibility for their officers’ actions.”

Earlier on the night of Sept. 6, Galindo had called 911 to say in Spanish that he had a gun and wanted to turn himself into police for an upcoming court date. He also said repeatedly that his gun was unloaded. “No tengo balas,” Galindo said. “I have no bullets.” But recordings of the 911 call and other communications reveal Galindo declining several dispatcher requests to put the weapon away before police arrive. Recordings of the calls also reveal that the dispatcher told responding officers that Galindo did not want to put the weapon down but that he maintained it was empty. Police also knew of Galindo’s arrest in April when he was accused of assault by pointing a gun. CMPD says Galindo had the weapon in his left hand when he exited the apartment, his arms raised skyward. The handgun is not clearly visible in a series of videos, which were released on Friday under a judge’s order. Putney later said the gun recovered at the scene was empty."

There is more narrative if you want to read it at the youtube link.

So there we are. Police work can be very difficult at times, right?

How did those cops compare to this list?

How to determine if a police officer is a good cop.

1. Calmness, even when things are difficult.
2. Quickness to use words to de-escalate a situation.
3. Talks to people, does NOT command them.
4. Uses GOOD judgment, especially in fluid situations.
5. Shows a willingness to step back to avoid physical conflict, if possible.
6. Slow to employ ANY force.
7. Uses restraint, using ONLY the force necessary to accomplish the task.

They FAILED all 7 points.

Were those cops in any danger when they were standing behind buildings?

No, not really. They are not responding to a "shots fired" call. They are responding to a 911 call made by the person who they murdered upon their arrival. He called to turn himself in. They murdered him instead.

Yes, he had a gun, but he was not threatening the officers with it. He had his arms held up shoulder height and out to the side until he started to bend forward in what appeared to be his attempt to put the gun on the ground, which is what the officers were yelling for him to do. Suddenly he is shot at multiple times and he crumples to the ground.

When YOU are yelled at, especially by someone who has power over you, do you respond well to that? Did yelling at the victim help anyone? If you yell at people, are your thinking skills improved or diminished? Yelling at people causes us to become LESS able to think well. Those officers messed up their own thinking abilities and we all know that being yelled at messes up our own thinking abilities.

Remember Officer Chavez and his calmness?

The DIRTBAG police chiefs and sheriffs are training officers to YELL at people, just like the cops that murdered that man.

I'm telling you, I have stopped MANY people over the years who were armed. I arrested some of them for various reasons and only a few of them put me in a difficult position where shooting them was becoming a strong possibility. I didn't have buildings to hide behind and YELL commands at them. I didn't have any other officers to help me. It was just me and I'm telling you very clearly, that man did NOT need to be shot.

So here we are again. Cops are killing people who should NOT be shot and their SCUM police chief is defending the murder.

Here is an article about that shooting. I will only show you a few points. If you want to know more, read the article.

Police chief, experts clash over whether deadly Charlotte shooting was justified




Police chief, experts clash over whether deadly Charlotte shooting was justified pdf



"Charlotte-Mecklenburg police Chief Kerr Putney again defended his officers Tuesday, saying a refusal to put down a weapon justifies police use of deadly force.

“I think there’s a hesitancy for people to really listen and understand this: A gun in an encounter with the police is a game-changer,”

Once again, we have a police chief telling us that he is unable to determine the degree to which  a suspect is resisting the police, if the suspect is REALLY resisting at all, and this police chief doesn't know the appropriate level of force that should be used against the suspect to attain his compliance. I wrote an article about this garbage before.

Arrogant NYPD Spokesmen

If I was all alone, and I almost always worked alone, I would not have shot that man. He did nothing that qualified as a legitimate threat to those officers. He was a little slow in obeying the officer's COMMANDS and the officers were WAY TOO FAST in using deadly force.

Ladies and gentlemen, how are you liking the "New" police? Do you feel safer, knowing that UNQUALIFIED people are being INTENTIONALLY hired and then VERY POORLY trained before being sent out into the streets to deal with you and your loved ones?

I keep telling you.............the police ARE your ENEMY.

Before these unqualified / severely brainwashed cops showed up that night, nobody was in harm's way. These cops didn't show up and HELP anyone. They showed up and murdered a man who was NOT threatening them.

Do you have a gun yet? Get a gun and then live in peace if the govt will allow it.

I own guns to protect myself from people like these cops.

I do NOT trust the police.

Officer Chavez and those other cops with him are the EXCEPTIONS to the rule with today's police and I assure you, things are going to get much MUCH worse with the police. These are the endtimes of the Bible.

Just so you know, I don't trust what we have been told / shown about Las Vegas.

Just like the Boston Marathon Bombing was FAKE, I have already seen enough information to believe that Las Vegas is also FAKE.

Maybe I will write something about it as time goes on, but there are plenty of people who are already doing that. I'm not really interested in spending massive amounts of time trying to PROVE that Las Vegas was FAKE.

I already don't believe the LYING government and the LYING "news" media.

They stage fake events and then report the lies. I don't trust them.

They NEED me to believe them, but I don't.

IF they want me to believe them, it's their JOB to PROVE it happened.

It is NOT my job to prove their every lie.

I didn't ask them to tell me anything, but they keep on telling me anyway because they NEED me to believe them. They DESPERATELY NEED everyone to believe their lies.

Telling me stories is NOT proof.

ALL of the local / state / federal govts are my enemy. I know it. They know it.

When will you know it?

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.