Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Lions and Tigers and China, Oh My!
By Kevin Dunn. Written and Post on December 05, 2016.

Some of you instantly recognized my play on words from the movie "The Wizard of Oz", but even now we are being told how dangerous the world is by the New World Order controlled puppets in the USA govt and the USA military and the USA police. No matter how many laws that the American People's employees in the White House and the Congress and the Supreme Court foist on us, they keep telling us that it's still a very ominous world out there and ONLY they can save us.

Do you believe them?

I intend to update some of the information on this website that I have previously shared because the New World Order has been acting like termites and they have been making some of that information disappear. Does it surprise anyone that they are trying to keep you ignorant of the truth? In my last article, I showed you a ABC News video where the US Supreme Court finally admitted that the US Constitution is gone. They didn't say it directly, like I just said it. They masked it and made you think about it. The Constitution has been gone since 1933. How many people have been spewing "US Constitution this" and "US Constitution that" to you over your lifetime? When I went through the Arizona Highway Patrol academy in 1977, they taught us "Constitutional Law". It's been gone since 1933, but the Arizona Highway Patrol didn't mind lying to every officer who hired on. Police academies around the country are STILL teaching "Constitutional Law" to new recruits and EVERY police chief and sheriff is in on the deception. How many self proclaimed "patriots" like Alex Jones have spoken to you as if the Constitution still exists while he claims to be fighting the New World Order?

Alex Jones is an Absolute Sellout 100% Proof (Redsilverj)



So, what about China? I'm going to share something that most of you likely don't know. Why? Because the New World Order controlled USA govt and "education" systems lied to you your entire life, just like they didn't tell you that the US Constitution was KILLED by FDR in 1933. Alex Jones never told you either because his JOB is to keep you ignorant.

Then I'm going to share an article that traitorous US Admiral James Lyons wrote for the Washington Times May 12, 2015 in which he claims that China is a huge threat to America.

Covering the Map of the World - The Half-Century Legacy of the Yalta Conference, Part 6



Covering the Map of the World - The Half-Century Legacy of the Yalta Conference, Part 6.pdf



"President Roosevelt's freezing of Japanese assets in the United States and his embargo against the selling of oil to Japan in July 1941, as well as his unwillingness to negotiate any compromise with Tokyo, set the stage for the attack on Pearl Harbor. Once in the war, Roosevelt abandoned Chiang Kai-Shek and the Chinese resistance against Japan. As Frederick W. Marks has explained in his study of FDR's foreign policy,  Wind Over Sand (1988):

In fact, Roosevelt broke virtually every important promise made to Chiang between the time of Pearl Harbor and his death in April, 1945. He shipped less than 10 percent of the aid pledged. He went back on his commitment to assist Chiang's Burma campaign with an amphibious invasion. At various times, supplies earmarked for Chungking were diverted without consultation. Scores of bombers and transports, once the entire U.S. Tenth Air Force in India, was rerouted to bypass China after the United States had given its word. Roosevelt pledged a loan of a billion dollars which was never delivered. And more than once, he promised increased tonnage to be flown from India over the Himalayan Hump. In almost every instance, such tonnage failed to eventuate.

Finally, after becoming sufficiently tired of Chiang Kai-Shek's complaints about American failure to support his government, FDR ordered that a plan be prepared for the assassination of the Chinese generalissimo."

FDR betrayed America and the people of China as he created a deal to make Mao the communist leader of China while Chiang Kai-Shek fled to Taiwan where he created a non-communist government.

Furthermore, the attack on Pearl Harbor was NO surprise.

Look here and see the Hilo Tribune Herald with the headline "Japan may strike over weekend" dated November 30, 1941, a full week before the attack.




Hilo Tribune Herald Japan May Strike Over Weekend.pdf

FDR allowed the attack to happen while doing nothing to stop it. About 3000 men died during the attack and then FDR lied to the American People to get them to fight in WW2. How many men lost their lives? How many men were badly injured? How many wives lost husbands? How many children lost fathers?

History is repeating NOW. It's all planned. It's all contrived.

Now look at this article written by US Admiral James Lyons.

Getting real about China. The Obama Pentagon is finally starting to recognize the threat. By James A. Lyons and Richard D. Fisher Jr. Tuesday, May 12, 2015




Getting real about China.pdf


"Three times in April the Obama administration allowed the Pentagon to issue uncharacteristically expansive and blunt warnings over China's growing threat. However welcome, this trend is late in forming and must now be followed by more vigorous action to ensure China remains deterred."

"it is becoming clearer that barring corrective actions by Washington, China's threat could grow into a global challenge to American interests, justifying an annual China Military Power publication to warn U.S. policymakers."

"A third Pentagon warning was issued on April 26 via the CBS program "60 Minutes," in which leaders of the U.S. Air Force Space Command detailed China's ability to threaten U.S. Global Positioning Satellites, which help manage bank ATM machines, gas pumps and cellphone towers. What "60 Minutes" did not cover is that China is developing both Earth- and space-based combat systems to dominate Low Earth Orbit, and is now talking with Russia about establishing early moon bases that may also be used for military advantage."

Lions and tigers and China, OH MY, eh Admiral?

You are a New World Order piece of trash Admiral Lyons and so is EVERY TOP COMMANDER IN THE US MILITARY, just like every police chief and sheriff is SCUM.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury. You read how FDR betrayed Chiang Kai-Shek and promoted commie Mao to the position of China's dictator. Mao then went on to murder about 65 million Chinese people. You saw the newspaper headline saying that Japan might attack a full week before the "surprise attack" actually happened and FDR did nothing to stop it.

Are you going to believe the liar named Admiral James "I'm a lyin" Lyons or are you going to start to understand exactly how much we have ALL been deceived by OUR EMPLOYEES called the US President and the US Congress and the US Supreme Court?

Would the US govt send MILLIONS of American jobs and factories to China if the Chinese leaders were REALLY the enemies of OUR EMPLOYEES in government?

Would this be happening NOW if China was OUR EMPLOYEES enemy?

Las Vegas-Beijing direct
Published on Dec 2, 2016




Do "enemies" allow direct city to city flights for tourists?

Come on.............. NOBODY is stupid enough to believe that.

Do you own a firearm yet? If you don't own a gun, you don't understand the world or the times in which you are living.

Get a gun and then live in peace if YOUR enemy, called the USA govt, allows it.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.