Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Separating the Stuff from "The Stuff" by Kevin Dunn
Written and posted on October 04, 2013

Playing with our thoughts and emotions, as a result of the REAL tragedies experienced by other people, is nothing new for the New World Order. The New World Order's primary weapon against *ALL* humanity everywhere, is the manipulation of information that is told to us and shown to us every day through TV and "newspapers" and movies and books. Everything that the New World Order presents to us is geared toward altering our perceptions of reality in an attempt to deceive us into thinking and behaving in a way that benefits them.

Every multi-national corporation and every government agency has their own "Spin Doctors", who are responsible for presenting "information" to the public in such a way that the corporation or the government agency gets THEIR "message" out to the public. That means that these spin doctors will say things that don't really have anything to do with the subject at hand, but the spin doctors are not hired to stick to the facts. The spin doctors are hired to promote the AGENDA of the organization, while using REAL situations and events as an excuse to tell us or to show us what they REALLY WANT us to think about. Here is a clip of a major spin doctor telling us that he is a spin doctor and that he will SPIN events to accomplish the goals that he is seeking.

Rahm Emanuel Says Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste





Now keep that clip in mind as I make a connection to what you just heard, with what the Arizona Highway Patrol has just done after the non-fatal shooting of Officer Seth Meeske during a traffic stop.

I do not know Officer Seth Meeske, but I do know his father, who was my class counsellor when I was in the Arizona Highway Patrol academy in 1977. He was a good man then and after just watching a video of him with his son (Officer Seth Meeske) and a group of other men, I can see that he is still a very good man who publicly expressed his affection for his son and his faith in Jesus Christ in that video. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.

In previous articles, I have told you that the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol lied to all of the officers about the OK City bombing in 1995. Instead of telling us the truth, the top brass spun a story about Timothy McVeigh being the sole bomber who only used a fertilizer bomb in a rental truck, even though the OK City TV "news" stations were reporting (during "live" coverage) that TWO unexploded bombs were found in the building after the explosion. The Arizona Highway Patrol never told the officers about that.

The top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol lied to every officer about that event right up until I retired at the end of 1998. Are they still lying about it to the current officers? What about 9-11? It's really easy for readers to find out for themselves. The next time that you are stopped by an Arizona Highway Patrolman or you see one at a coffee shop or a garage getting the patrol car serviced, ask him/her if they know about the 2 unexploded bombs found in the Murrah Building in the 1995 OK City bombing. If they don't know, then they are still being lied to by the top brass. My money says that the lying continues, because the top brass in *ALL* of America's police agencies have SOLD OUT to the New World Order.

You don't need to only ask Arizona Highway Patrolmen. Everyone can ask any officer, no matter where you live. Don't make it a big deal. If the officer shows signs of unfriendliness, don't say anything. Helping to educate the police is the goal, it's not about having a confrontation with anyone.

If you find that the police officers don't know the truth, consider directing them to this website so that they can learn.

Now.... look at this job description for "spin doctor" with the Arizona Highway Patrol. They call it "public information officer", but that's just a nice sounding name for the official propaganda section. These spin doctors actually receive special training to perform this function. In a previous article, I said that "deception is complicated". Well...... here you go. This is exactly what I meant when I said it. It takes special training to be a spin doctor, while telling the truth is simple.

AZ DPS (Highway Patrol) Public Information Officer




AZ DPS (Highway Patrol) Public Information Officer pdf


Now read the comments made to the "news" media by one of those spin doctors about the shooting of Officer Meeske.




DPS Officer shot in Payson during traffic stop pdf


DPS spokesman Carrick Cook said the Highway Patrol officer was shot multiple times just after 10 p.m. Saturday.

"The fact that we've got people getting shot and then taking themselves to the hospital that says a lot," Cook said. "If they're willing to do that for themselves and they're in a career to help others, it can only offer comfort to the people in those communities to know these are the types of people looking out for them."

Do you see how spokesman Carrick Cook took the shooting and made it into something different? Carrick Cook is trying to hijack Officer Seth Meeske's excellent performance and make it about the organization instead. Clearly Officer Meeske is made from tough stuff and he was able to keep his wits about him and drive himself to the hospital. That has *NO* reflection on the Arizona Highway Patrol. Officer Meeske endured that entire ordeal by himself and the honor and respect that are due, are his alone.

Yes, a rookie highway patrolman, who was on his first shift alone, did an excellent job spotting and chasing the suspect to a successful conclusion, along with the help of other peace officers in the area, but Officer Meeske shares his spotlight with NOBODY and certainly not with the organization.

Carrick Cook has sacrificed Officer Meeske at the alter of propaganda while promoting the AGENDA of the CORPORATION, otherwise known as the Arizona Highway Patrol. Here is proof that the Arizona Highway Patrol is a PRIVATE company that is INCORPORATED. I worked out of this office for 22 years.




Manta Arizona Public Safety pdf


Carrick Cook is a spokesman for the CORPORATION. He is *NOT* a spokesman for employees who work for the corporation. He took the extraordinary actions of Officer Meeske and diminished them for the sake of promoting the corporation.

The Arizona Highway Patrol top brass have always had a policy of taking credit for the good performance by an individual officer and SPINNING it for the benefit of management. Here's how:

If a person writes a letter of appreciation to the department because of the actions of a single officer, the department will respond to the sender of that letter. The department will say that every officer is of equal quality and that every officer would have given exactly the same good service as the officer who is named in the letter.

The department is minimizing the actions of that named officer in the letter by saying "Yes, all of our officers are just as good as that officer".

Management is SPINNING the good performance by "Officer John Doe" and taking credit for having a fleet of good officers, rather than just saying that they appreciate hearing about "Officer John Doe's" good service to you.

Do you see how that works? The top brass is SPINNING the good performance by "Officer John Doe" while claiming that "Officer John Doe" did nothing more than what *ALL* of OUR officers do. They are creating a false illusion at the expense of "Officer John Doe".

However, if someone complains about "Officer John Doe", it's only "Officer John Doe" who is at fault. Management will distance itself by saying something to the affect that "Officer John Doe" is NOT indicative of the "normal" officer. Most people never meet a police officer under any sort of circumstance, good or bad, so how would they know if "Officer John Doe" is the exception or the rule? Management tells them, and that's what people believe because they trust management.

I would be surprised if most police agencies don't SPIN exactly like the Arizona Highway Patrol. After all, the top brass of ALL of America's police agencies belong to the same New World Order club.

International Association of Chiefs of Police "global leadership in policing"



Let the word "GLOBAL" be your guide. The USA is the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video) and it will ENFORCE the One World Govt, One World Economy, One World Religion for the antichrist. The antichrist will need police officers too and the USA is training police agencies around the world so that an officer from every country will be on the same page with every other officer around the world. You can't have a One World Govt if every country does things differently and that certainly applies to the police.

Now that you know what the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol does, is it any wonder that spin doctor Carrick Cook is doing the same sort of SPINNING with Officer Meeske's exceptional actions as what the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol does on a routine basis?

Officer Meeske is being used like a pawn by Carrick Cook, at the direction of the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol.

Here is another article with spin doctor Carrick Cook spouting off.


"Anybody that shoots somebody is a danger to everybody," said DPS spokesman Carrick Cook. "When you add the fact that he's willing to act that recklessly and shoot at a police officer, he'll shoot at anybody."

Now why did Carrick Cook feel the need to say such outlandish things?

If you have read my previous article, Who Loves Ya, Baby, then you know that the "Sandy Hook shooting" is most likely a HOAX and the "Boston Bombing" is another HOAX. Both of those events are about deception, designed to disarm the American People.

The shooting of Officer Meeske is a real event, but Carrick Cook is not going to let that stop him for planting the idea that it's ALWAYS wrong to shoot someone. Do you see how vague his comment is? " "Anybody that shoots somebody is a danger to everybody". So the hidden message here is, if a person shoots anyone for any reason at all, that's bad. I wonder why Carrick Cook carries a gun if it's ALWAYS bad to shoot someone.

And then he goes on to say "When you add the fact that he's willing to act that recklessly and shoot at a police officer, he'll shoot at anybody."

Did Carrick Cook see how Boston PD SWAT teams were pointing their guns at innocent people as they ordered them out of their homes after that FAKE Boston bombing?

Is it Carrick Cook's contention that police officers are permitted to commit aggravated assault against anyone that they please, if they are following the orders of their satanic chain of command? When the police are threatening to use deadly force against innocent people by pointing their weapons at them without just cause, isn't it reasonable for the police to think that they will be shot by someone who won't tolerate it?

Let's watch a clip from a great movie and notice how it's the police (US Army) that are abusing the very people who they are sworn to protect.

Lonesome Dove - I hate rude behavior in a man. I wont tolerate it.

Perhaps Carrick Cook will read my other articles after someone brings this article to his attention. If he reads my other articles, he will find that I'm not impressed by people wearing police uniforms who claim special powers to MUG innocent people at gun point simply because those officers were told to do it by their chain of command. Hitler and Stalin and Mao had their police officers as well. Those officers obeyed their chain of command and over 100 million people were murdered because the police obeyed their chain of command.

Boston PD's behaviour after that FAKE bombing looked just Hitler's Germany as Hitler rounded up people for execution. If Hitler's police officers would have been TRUE believers in Jesus Christ, none of that would have happened. The same thing applies to Boston PD. How many of those Boston area police officers CLAIM to be Christian? I don't know, but the police were TOTALLY on the wrong side of things.

I hope that Carrick Cook reads my article "What is REAL and What is Imaginary". He will find that Jesus told His apostles to arm themselves and that Jesus *APPROVED* of Peter, the apostle, using his SWORD against the EVIL men who claimed to have authority over them when they came to ARREST Jesus. I hope Carrick Cook noticed the word ARREST.

Jesus told people to arm themselves, while Satan and the 2nd beast of Revelation 13 (video) are trying to disarm people with deceptions of every kind. We have a fake bombing in Boston, we have what appears to be a fake shooting in Sandy Hook and we have other events that are highly questionable like the "Batman shooting" in Colorado and the recent "Navy yard shooting" in Washington DC.

These are the endtimes of the Bible and deception abounds.

Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

I knew Officer Meeske's father to be a good man many years ago. Now that I have watched that hunting video of Officer Meeske with his father, I know them both to be God fearing men who value Scripture over the lies of Satan and his servants.

I don't know Carrick Cook, but I do know deception when I see it and hear it and read it. Carrick Cook is serving Satan's AGENDA, not God's.

Carrick Cook, as the representative of the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol, has twisted the shooting of Officer Meeske into a Satan serving, gun grabbing, obey the government no matter how illegal and immoral it is, SPIN JOB.

That is the connection between the obvious SPIN comment by Rahm Emanuel and the more subtle SPIN JOB by Carrick Cook. Make no mistake about it, both of these men are trying to deceive the American People, but Carrick Cook is only a low level spin doctor who needs to please the top brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol, while Rahm Emanuel has the arrogance of a man in a position of power and priviledge.

For people who want to understand what I only touched on, go here:

Edward Bernays, the "Father of Propaganda"




Edward Bernays, the "Father of Propaganda" pdf


As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.