Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

Arizona is "Dog Training" Drivers
by Kevin Dunn. Written and Posted on February 07, 2017

Good Grief!!! The world is going completely insane right before my eyes.

I generally don't watch the TV news out of Phoenix AZ because I find it to be mostly uninformative and a waste of my time. Yesterday I did look to see what was being presented and I found these 2 videos. I have to say that these videos made me laugh, but they also annoyed me. It is absolutely astonishing how much pure unadulterated hogwash that government creates under the banner of "safety". The Arizona State Government is no exception.

Buckle up your seatbelts and hang on tight, because I'm going to take you for a winding and twisty ride as I rebut the fantastic tales that have been weaved into this purely nonsensical "news story". If you have a crash helmet, put it on too. You can never be too "safe". Nobody in your office will laugh at you if they see you wearing it at your computer, will they? Just tell them that the police said it was a good idea for your safety.

Changes coming to Arizona driver's license tests; traffic stop protocol expected to be added to exam
ABC15 Arizona
Published on Feb 6, 2017
"This spring, anyone taking the written driver's license test will need to be familiar with the proper protocol for traffic stops."



What to do if you're pulled over in Arizona
ABC15 Arizona
Published on Feb 6, 2017
"Changes are going into effect this spring for the exam."




Alrighty. Is everyone up to speed with the State of Arizona's plan to dog train every person who submits to the driver testing process in Arizona? Let's review then, shall we?

1. I'm a retired Arizona Highway Patrolman.

2. I want every person to be safe and feel safe when dealing with the police.

3. All police officers volunteered for the job. They asked to do it.

4. It is not the duty of the American People to ensure that the police feel safe.

5. Part of the job of being a police officer is feeling afraid at times. If a person needs to feel safe all of the time, police work is not the job for them.

6. The police are shooting unarmed "suspects" around the country now because the cops have an unreasonable sense of fear. Many of them say "I thought he had a gun" when no gun existed. What it comes down to is that the officer was SO afraid and valued his/her life more than he/she valued the unarmed suspect's life. Again, police work is not the job for them. Who wants police officers who care MORE about their own safety than they care about OUR safety?

7. I blame the police chiefs and sheriffs for intentionally hiring people who have no business being cops in the first place and then training them poorly before sending them out into the streets. If you have read my previous articles, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

8. The Arizona Highway Patrol was created in 1931. For more than 80 years, it was known as the highway patrol, but suddenly the name was changed to Arizona State Troopers in 2015. That new title smacks of an aggressive police state where government is no longer the servant, but rather it is the master.

9. The Arizona Highway Patrol is involved in creating this dog training for the people who are testing for an Arizona driver license, which is amazing when you think about what I just said. The Arizona Highway Patrol changed it's name to the more intimidating "Arizona State Troopers" and now they are whining because police officers are afraid of drivers in the dark.
I see this claim as a bold lie, which is nothing new for the TOP brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol. They took a BOLD step forward by CLAIMING to be Arizona State Troopers instead of Arizona Highway Patrolmen and now they are trying to FORCE the People of Arizona to take a step BACKWARD to accommodate the "delicate" officers who are too afraid to do the job properly. Why there isn't a rebellion within the ranks of the Arizona Highway Patrol is something that I can't answer, but I do wonder.

As a point of interest: Why are people accepting this "Arizona State Troopers" name change? Would people be equally accepting if Trump claimed to be Dictator instead of President?

So what did we learn from those videos? The most important thing is that the TV news is NOT really telling us "news". They are programming us. Their REAL purpose in the scheme of things is to SELL us whatever they are told to sell us by their New World Order controllers. In this case, they are SELLING the idea of making police officers feel safe and putting that responsibility on EVERY driver. The most important thing about driving a car is to make sure that every driver is sensitive to the officer's feelings if they get stopped. The State of Arizona is making "officer sensitivity" part of the driver test. If you know how to drive a car, but you are insensitive to how the police feel when they stop you for some reason, you might fail that test and never get a license. Here is their checklist.

1. Turn on your inside lights at night so the officer will feel safe.
2. Roll down both windows (never mind that it's below freezing in the winter or over 100 degrees in the summer) so that the officer will feel safe.
3. Keep both hands on the steering wheel so the officer will feel safe.
4. Don't reach into the glove box so the officer will feel safe.
5. Turn down your radio so the officer will feel safe.
6. Don't make sudden movements, even if you just spilled a steaming hot cup of coffee on your lap, because the officer needs to feel safe. Maybe the officer will give you a band-aid for your burned flesh after he/she feels safe.

If you don't think that's dog training , then that makes me laugh too.

I'm NOT saying that ALL of those things are bad ideas, but COME ON!!!! They are making it part of the testing!!!

Answer this. What is easier and better for everyone?

1. Dog train every driver in Arizona and hope that they don't scare some cop into shooting them because they leaned over to pick up their ice cream cone from the floorboard as the cop was walking up to their car.

2. Hire GOOD people to be cops and TRAIN them properly so that they don't shoot into a car they just pulled over because they heard a passing vehicle's engine backfire.

If you picked number 1, put in your application to become a police officer today because in today's world, there is some police chief or sheriff looking to hire you now.

If you picked number 2, congratulations. You are sane and stable, which are traits that are becoming rarer with each passing day.

OK............. are you ready for that winding, twisty ride that I promised you?

Point number one. Why did the TV news interview a "driving instructor" to tell us what to do and what not to do when getting pulled over by the police? What is his experience in such matters? What does he know about what makes an officer fearful or somewhat concerned or completely unconcerned by what each driver is doing after being stopped? If you think that an officer approaches a little old lady with the same mindset as he/she approaches a 300 pound outlaw biker looking dude, then you understand nothing about cops. Both the little old lady and the 300 pound man might be treated the same way by the officer, but what that officer is thinking and feeling won't be the same. The officer will be thinking about the potential harm that both of these people can do if things go wrong. Of course, I have been retired for over 18 years now and I must say that I am shocked by some of the extremely BAD performances I have seen by the police since I retired. Again, I blame the police chiefs and the sheriffs for ALL of it.

Anyway, back to the "driving instructor". I don't know this guy, and maybe he drives a car really, really well, but WHY are we listening to him about a POLICE and a Legislative matter???!!!

Are the police agencies too embarrassed to explain themselves to us? I would be. This nonsense about "proper protocol for traffic stops" is just too bizarre to take seriously on the face of it. As I already said, this is about the government FORCING it's will on the People of Arizona instead of serving us. It's a bit like walking into a restaurant and BEING TOLD by your waitress what you WILL eat, instead of you placing your ORDER. You do order food when you go out, don't you? Nobody tells you what you will eat, do they?

Now I'm going to tell you what really lit a fire under me in those videos. This "driving instructor" mentioned Timothy McVeigh and the OK City bombing, which happened in 1995. It just so happens that I was still a highway patrolman in 1995 and I have repeatedly stated in my articles and in forums that the TOP brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol lied to every officer about the OK City bombing. Isn't it an "amazing coincidence" that this "driving instructor" mentions that very event to justify this dog training? Isn't it another "amazing coincidence" that the Arizona Highway Patrol is participating in the creation of this dog training?

What we have here is a "driving instructor" talking about something that has NOTHING to do with driving and he is spreading the same old manure about the OK City bombing that the Arizona Highway Patrol TOP brass spread in 1995. He could have told us about the number of police officers who have been killed while making a traffic stop in any given year, but he didn't do that. Instead, he told us about Timothy McVeigh having a gun when he was stopped and arrested after the OK City bombing. Timothy McVeigh did have a gun, just like many MANY Arizonans have guns in their cars and on their persons. In fact, just last month, one of those gun toting Arizonans shot and killed a man who had just shot an Arizona Highway Patrolman on I-10 west of Phoenix. Timothy McVeigh never pulled his gun before being arrested by a single OK Highway Patrolman who stopped McVeigh for not having a license plate. The "driving instructor" got that wrong. He said that McVeigh was stopped for speeding. Is anyone surprised that he is wrong? I'm not.

So who is this "driving instructor"? Is he a wanna-be cop who could never pass the hiring process? Is he a Government Paid Disinfo Agent? Did someone from the Arizona Highway Patrol approach him and ask him to speak about Timothy McVeigh? Is he just an ignorant person who wants to be seen as a "somebody"? Is he just a pretender?

Well let's see. Look at the website link on the car he is sitting in. If you listen carefully to the first video, the female reporter says that his name is "Ned Ferris".

Here is the website info.

I see several people listed. Their names are listed. Their pictures. Their positions in the organization and guess what? NO "Ned Ferris".

How did that happen? This "Ned Ferris" guy talks like he holds an important position with that driving instructor company and yet he is not listed? Would that driving instructor company just send out a "nobody" to represent them on a TV news story? Did the real driving instructor show up and then get talked into allowing "Ned Ferris" to use that car as a stage prop so that he could talk about Timothy McVeigh while posing as a "driving instructor"?

Is it possible that "Ned Ferris" is a FAKE name?

Is it possible that he is really an officer with the Arizona Highway Patrol or has some other connection with the highway patrol?

Is it possible that he is an FBI agent or some other government operative who is well versed in disguising himself and fitting into whatever role that is required to accomplish his assigned mission? I just wrote an article about Government Paid Crisis Actors and "Ned Ferris" is sure behaving like one. Read that article and see if you don't agree.

Who talks about Timothy McVeigh except people like me? The people who are exposing the MANY deceptions of the government speak about McVeigh. The only other people I know about are the LYING police chiefs and sheriffs and FBI agents and CIA agents and Government Paid Disinfo Agents who do nothing but lie to the American People.

When was the last time that anyone mentioned Timothy McVeigh or the OK City bombing to you in a conversation or in the mainstream news or on talk radio? Why did this "driving instructor" mention what NOBODY else mentions in normal every day conversation?

I smell a rat, don't you?

How are you liking the ride so far "Mr. Ferris"?

Let's continue and make this a learning opportunity for everyone.

The OK City bombing happened at 9:02 a.m. on April 19, 1995. Just like every big event that happens anywhere in the country, TV news crews showed up and started filming and what they filmed was aired LIVE on local TV stations. Here is a video clip containing some of the information that was broadcast that day.

OK City Bombing - Unexploded Bombs



The video is simple and direct, isn't it? It's just like every other disaster where the TV news broadcasts continuing coverage of what is happening. Well guess what? The Arizona Highway Patrol never showed us that information. There it was, being broadcast on local TV in Oklahoma and in the 3 1/2 years from the time it happened until I retired, the Arizona Highway Patrol never showed it to us or told us about it. It never aired on ANY TV news in Arizona either. Why not?

Isn't that amazing? Isn't that shocking?

How do we explain that failure? Who benefited by denying that information to every police officer in the State of Arizona? The Arizona Highway Patrol is responsible for training every police officer in the state, excluding the major police departments that have their own academies.

Are we to believe that every police chief and sheriff in the State of Arizona was ignorant of the true facts regarding the OK City bombing? No reasonable person would believe that.

What every officer was told by the TOP brass of the Arizona Highway Patrol was that Timothy McVeigh parked a rented U-Haul type vehicle in front of the Murrah Federal Building that was filled with a homemade bomb consisting of fertilizer and diesel fuel. The bomb went off and did the damage that you see in that video. Nothing was ever said about TWO UNEXPLODED BOMBS being found in the building.

Guess what? The OK City bombing was a USA govt planned attack against the American People, just like 9-11 was a USA govt planned attack.

The Arizona Highway Patrol TOP brass was and IS an accomplice in the crimes committed in the OK City Bombing. They KNOWINGLY withheld information from every police officer. Is it any wonder why I call every police chief and sheriff SCUM?

So there we have it and we are just getting started.

Next, let's watch and listen to an expert on explosives.

Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture Oklahoma City Part 1 of 2




Brig Gen Ben Partin Lecture Oklahoma City Part 2 of 2



Now let's get to the part that "Ned Ferris, THE driving instructor" thought was so vitally important for all of us to know. It has nothing to do with driving, but does "Ned Ferris" really care about driving?

Timothy McVeigh Trial: Documents Relating to McVeigh's Arrest




Timothy McVeigh Trial: Documents Relating to McVeigh's Arrest pdf (UPDATED: 2019 0825)


I'll point out a few snippets, but read the whole thing if you have the time.

"A.  I was northbound on the interstate in the left-hand lane
when I came upon a vehicle which was a yellow 1977 Mercury
Marquis, four-door.  It had a primer spot on the left rear
quarter panel.  And I started around that vehicle in the left
lane, it was in the right lane traveling north, I observed that
it was not displaying a tag on the rear bumper.

"Q.  How fast were you going when you passed the car that
Mr. McVeigh was in?
A.  I was running 90 to a hundred miles an hour."

Do you see that "Mr. Ferris"? The OK Highway Patrolman stopped Timothy McVeigh for not having a license plate. The officer was speeding, NOT Timothy McVeigh.

"A.  As he was going to his right rear pocket to retrieve his
billfold, he had on a blue windbreaker-type jacket that was
just slightly zipped, and when he went to his pocket, it
tightened this jacket up somewhat; and I could see a bulge
under his left arm, and I thought that that was a weapon under
his arm.

Q.  What did you do at that point?
A.  I looked at the driver's license and looked at him.  Then I
instructed him to take both hands, unzip his jacket, and to
very slowly move his jacket back.
Q.  What was Mr. McVeigh's response when you told him to do
A.  He took both hands, he unzipped his jacket, and started
slowly pulling it back; and just as he started doing that, he
said, "I have a gun."

Do you see that "Mr. Ferris"? Timothy McVeigh had a gun just like many MANY Arizonans have guns. It is very common for police officers in Arizona to stop drivers who are armed with guns. After all, aren't the People of Arizona the bosses and aren't the police officers their employees?

Now here is the troubling part for me concerning OK Highway Patrolman Charles Hanger. He testifies that he was ordered to respond to OK City after the bombing and he was en-route southbound on I-35. Suddenly he was ordered NOT to respond to OK City but rather to stay in his assigned patrol area. He states that he turned around and headed N/B on I-35.

"Q.  What was the reason you were going so fast?
A.  On Sunday, Sunday just prior to the 19th, it would have
been Easter Sunday, I had investigated an accident east of the
community of Billings, Oklahoma, on State Highway 15, which is
just west of Interstate 35.  And I wanted to go up there and
view that area to see if there was any physical evidence that I
had missed because the accident had occurred during hours of
darkness, and I was afraid I was going to be sent back to
Oklahoma City, and I wanted to get this complete before that
might have happened, so I was rushing up there.

Q.  And so you passed Mr. McVeigh how fast, approximately,
would you estimate that he was going?
A.  I couldn't even estimate it.  I don't know.

His testimony sounds reasonable. I have done that very thing many times over the years. It's easy to miss seeing evidence in the dark and speeding to get somewhere is a daily occurrence for most highway patrolmen. Highway patrolmen are not "working traffic" at such times and unless they see something major happening, they ignore minor traffic offences.

That's the key right there. He says that he is speeding to get back to an old accident scene, but he stops Timothy McVeigh for a relatively minor traffic violation. Sure the car could have been stolen, but it was an old "yellow 1977 Mercury Marquis, four-door. It had a primer spot on the left rear quarter panel." Missing a license plate on an old car is certainly worthy of a traffic stop on a normal day, but this was not a normal day. The bombing happened and Officer Hanger stated that he was speeding to get somewhere.

What are we to believe?

It's 2017 now and we know much more about False Flag events. The USA govt is creating FAKE shootings and FAKE "terror" attacks to deceive us. A huge army of very stupid people known as Government Paid Disinfo Agents are now on the internet to stifle intelligent people from sharing valid information with the rest of us in forums. Now we have "driving instructors" telling us about the OK City bomber on a Phoenix TV news story. The insanity is everywhere and we are all standing knee deep in the manure that the lying governments and the lying news media keep shoveling on us.

I don't trust Officer Hanger, just like I don't trust the LYING police chiefs and sheriffs. Is he in league with the USA govt agents who attacked OK City? It's not hard to believe that. The Arizona Highway Patrol TOP brass lied to every officer, so how hard is it to believe that Officer Hanger is part of it?

1. He "just happened" to be going N/B away from OK City?

2. He "just happened" to find Timothy McVeigh, even though he was rushing to be somewhere else and there was not any "Be on the lookout" for McVeigh or his car?

3. He "just happened" to arrest an armed man who minutes earlier murdered 168 people and the murderer didn't even pull his gun and try to escape?

I know that it's pretty easy to stumble onto a rather dangerous character simply because they have a broken tail light, but Officer Hanger was "luckier" than I am willing to believe.

I could go on, but I've said enough for now. There is more to these Phoenix TV News videos than a "driving instructor named Ned Ferris" sharing his "concerns" for our safety.

"Ned Ferris" made me laugh and who doesn't like to laugh?


"Ned Ferris" talking about the OK City bomber reminds me of George Bush Jr, who lied the American People into the Iraq war after George Bush Jr played his role in attacking America on September 11, 2001. Maybe you remember these comments that George made about catapulting the propaganda.

Catapult The Propaganda (UPDATED: 2019 0814)



The definition of propaganda.
prop·a·gan·da - information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view.


The catapult was a weapon of war used to throw huge stones. Notice George Bush's hand movement as he demonstrates how a catapult is used, like in this PBS Nova video.

Medieval Trebuchet
"the most destructive war machine that ever laid siege to a medieval castle"




George Bush "catapulting the propaganda" was an act of war against the American People. Nothing is MORE powerful than brainwashing.

The Arizona Highway Patrol doesn't want the public to know the truth about it's role in deceiving the public and the police officers, who THINK that they were hired to SERVE us.  "Ned Ferris" was Catapulting The Propaganda, just like George Bush.

If the police officers REALLY want to serve us, they will turn around and start looking at their own bosses, the police chiefs and sheriffs, as suspects and INVESTIGATE them. The police chiefs and the sheriffs are some of the REAL SUSPECTS who are destroying America.

You DO want to read this.

"Tim McVeigh is Still Alive!" by Lorraine Day, M.D.




"Tim McVeigh is Still Alive!" by Lorraine Day, M.D. pdf

It's a crazy world and it's not going to get better before Jesus Christ returns. It's going to get much, MUCH worse. Get right with Jesus Christ NOW while there is still time.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.