Kiss Your Illusions Goodbye

California is "Dog Training" Drivers Too
by Kevin Dunn. Written and posted on April 20, 2017

The following video was posted by the CBS TV "News" station in Los Angeles, CA.

Local Group Gives Tips To People With Autism On How To Calmly Deal With Police Stops



Published on Apr 19, 2017

"Police Officer Stanley Campbell and his sister, actress Tisha Cambell Martin, started D.O.P.E. -- De-escalating Officer Patrol Encounters. Adrianna Weingold reports."

I previously wrote the article Arizona is Dog Training Drivers when I saw this same type of BRAINWASHING being PROMOTED on a Phoenix, Arizona TV "News" station.

As I stated in that article, ALL TV "News" is about SELLING the viewing audience on whatever nonsense the New World Order controllers tell the "News" team to promote.

In the Arizona TV "News" video, the "news" team (script readers) was promoting the laughable idea that it's the People of Arizona who are responsible for making the police FEEL "safe" when a driver gets pulled over by the police. That whole, pre-fabricated "news" segment, was an attempt to brainwash the viewing audience into believing that they need to be EXTRA careful and AFRAID of the police when they get stopped, because the police are already afraid of drivers. MANY cops ARE afraid of the public because they have been intentionally TRAINED to be afraid by their police chiefs and sheriffs. In the above video, the "instructor" is showing us that he is afraid too. Does he know it, or has his own brainwashing (through his police TRAINING) concealed it from him?

The same type of brainwashing found in the Arizona "news video, is being promoted by the Los Angeles TV "News" team. It's the same SCAM, but with a twist. SCAM artists can be very creative. How many different ways do advertising agencies (SCAM artists) try to sell us  mundane things like toothpaste and laundry soap? The daytime Soap Operas were called soap operas because soap advertisements paid for the TV programming. It's no different with the TV "News". The New World Order is paying to have the TV "News" team program everyone in the viewing audience with dramas and stories that they call "news". In reality, it's just more advertising, but calling it the "news" helps to sell the brainwashing. Come on now.......... they TOLD us that one of the participants in this video is an actress.

I had to laugh at this. "D.O.P.E. -- De-escalating Officer Patrol Encounters". Leave it to the New World Order controllers to come up with that catchy acronym, especially when D.O.P.E. is referring to every person who is deceived by that brainwashing video. Please don't be fooled.

So let's think about what was presented in that video. At the very beginning of the video, we have the TV "news" anchor setting the stage for us about what we will see in the video. Listen carefully to her words. She says:

"A training day of sorts, for people with autism"

"tips on how to handle themselves if they are ever confronted by police"

Isn't it interesting that she uses the word "training" to describe what is happening? She is correct, of course. That small group of people is being trained, BUT so is every person who is watching that video. We are ALL being TRAINED by the TV "News", in every story that they tell us.

She also uses the word "confronted", which is very telling. She just planted the idea that every traffic stop is a confrontation between the police and the public. That's exactly how the police chiefs and sheriffs are now TRAINING police officers to think, and the "instructor" in that video is absolutely confronting the people in the car. Does he see it, or is his brainwashing concealing it from him?


Allow me to help you to understand the word "confronted".

There are 2 ways that the police initiate meeting people.

1. They approach people and make contact with them.
2. They confront people.

Almost every encounter should be the police approaching someone and making contact with them. This might be a traffic stop, or it might be requesting witness information, or it might be to ask someone to do something. In almost every instance, this encounter should be calm and courteous.

Confrontations are an aggressive encounter. There is good reason to believe that a confrontation will result in the use of physical force. Breaking up a fight. Arresting a combative drunk driver. Stopping a stolen car.

Most people should never be put in the position of being confronted by the police and yet, here we are. If you have read my previous articles, you know that we are ALL under attack by the police chiefs and sheriffs, who are New World Order SCUM. They ARE the ENEMIES of the American People and they are TRAINING police officers to be thugs.

So........ at the very start of this "training", we see the "instructor" approaching a car with a handgun pointed directly at the front seat passenger in the car and then he barks out "put your hands on the dash". The "instructor" is confronting the occupants. Why?

I was one of many firearms instructors for the Arizona Highway Patrol for about 10 years. We always taught officers that if they needed to draw their handgun, it was to be pointed downward at a 45 degree angle in front of them and away from anyone until it became a necessity to actually point it at someone. This video shows you a good reason why it's SO very important NOT to point a firearm at someone unless they NEED to be shot.

Kentucky cop shoots unarmed man immediately after demanding suspect to show his hands




Published on Mar 3, 2017
"Bodycam footage shows a cop shot an unarmed man inside an abandoned house in Louisville, Kentucky immediately after demanding the man show his hands. Family and activists say the man posed no threat. No weapon was found on suspect or in the rest of the house."

I could say a lot of things about what happened in that video, but that is for another time. However, I will say this. I see videos of cops pointing their guns directly in front of them as they are approaching a driver or approaching a house or searching a building. They are already in ATTACK mode, when they don't even know if there is a reason to shoot anyone. For all those cops know, an innocent child could be in that car or house or building, but the cops are being TRAINED to do this NOW, when it was NEVER that way before 9-11. When I was trained to be a police firearms instructor, there were officers from many different police agencies in the class. We all got the same training. Now the training has changed and this "instructor" in the video is doing something that NONE of us were taught to do in the 1980s. Pointing a gun, directly at the passenger without ANY justification, makes the "instructor" a "D.O.P.E." in my book.

The tone of his voice offends me, so what would it do to someone he is approaching on a "normal" traffic stop? The reporter does say that this "training" for the autistic people is about preparing them for a "typical traffic stop" at the 1:04 mark in the video.

I can assure you that what you see in this video was NOT a "typical traffic stop" before 9-11 happened. 9-11 was the official excuse for the USA govt to completely corrupt "law enforcement" by turning PEACE OFFICERS into thugs in a police uniform. Before this corruption began, approaching any vehicle with a drawn handgun was a rare event for GOOD cops. If it did happen, NO officer would have called it a "typical traffic stop".

BRAINWASHING. This whole video is nothing but brainwashing. The "instructor" is acting like a thug while claiming that he is helping this small group of autistic people, BUT how many hundreds of thousands of TV "news" viewers are being BRAINWASHED by that video?

That video is NOT about helping that small group. It's about SELLING the idea that YOU and I have to accommodate OUR employees in police uniforms INSTEAD of the police chiefs and sheriffs hiring GOOD people and TRAINING them properly. Remember what I said about the police chiefs and sheriffs and how they are training cops? It's staring you right in the face in this video.

This "instructor" goes so far as to take these vehicle occupants out of the car so that they can experience being searched and handcuffed!!! COME ON!!! This is being SOLD to us as a "typical traffic stop" while EVERYTHING about this video screams otherwise.

I know, I know........... it's been 18 years since I retired and things have changed, but why have they changed? Things don't "just change" on their own. The street cops didn't make the changes. The SCUM police chiefs and sheriffs made the changes. In fact, the FBI is TRAINING police chiefs to do this garbage. I keep talking about the police chiefs and sheriffs as being BAD people, and they ARE bad people, but let it be known that the FEDS are worse. FBI, DEA, DHS, CIA, etc. They ARE worse. Corruption ALWAYS starts at the TOP. ALWAYS.

At the 1:20 mark, the "instructor's" sister (the actress) is talking about her autistic son and how he moves his arms. She said "NO. You can't move your arms like that because the officer might feel like his life is in danger". COME ON!!! If an officer can't instantly tell that a person has some sort of mental disability, then that cop has NO business being a cop. Save innocent lives NOW by FIRING the cops who can't do the job properly. Millions of people in America are unemployed or under-employed. Some of them WILL make GOOD cops if given the proper TRAINING. Fire the police chiefs and sheriffs too.

Dog training drivers in Arizona and California and brainwashing the TV "News" audience about that dog training seems to be an important part of the New World Order plan. I wonder where else this is happening in America.

As always, trust God and trust the King James Bible.